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Last updated: 23/10/2023
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Social Media Marketing Company

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Strategy

Gone are the days where companies used to embrace conventional mode of marketing to promote their business products or brand name. With the changing technology, different forms of marketing have become popular. One of such mediumsis forming waves in the global market by engaging customers directly is the “Social Media”.

Yes, Social media strategy is recognized as the synergistic form that has proven to be the perfect marketing procedure to promote branding and advertising. Social media is a great place where brands can create little fun for its customers; but it does have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line.

Inovies has worked as the enduring marketing strategy team for many established and start-up brands. With our excellence inSocial Media Marketing Services, we can lend great support to promote and advertise your brand products on digital, mobile and social. We also help the start-ups to decide in which order their Social Media Objectives should be aligned. Whether it is to strengthen the brand image or to generate leads; we help streamlining the right social media objective for your business interest.

To make the social media marketing campaigns strengthen your branding and business objectives, we embroil 5 winning steps that show you the essence of engagement with the effective Social Media Strategy.

STEP 1: Ensure the derived social objectives solve marketing challenges

Stapling the right social media objectives allows you to reach the business goals efficiently. Making your marketing tactics jump right to social media strategy is no exception; but setting up with wide range of social capabilities can make it difficult for a company to determine how their objective need to be formed. So, the same can happen with you too along with other challenges.

  • Are you facing with low customer trust and loyalty?
  • Has your web traffic dropped?
  • Do you need an increased brand reputation?
  • Do you need an effective marketing way to advertise your products?

If you are concerned about these challenges, we help you to overcome all these by using smart Social Media Marketing Optimization to reach your business goals. Good marketing makes a company look intelligent and Great marketing makes the customers sense smart. Inovies does the same that makes us different from others.

STEP 2: Extended efforts for strategic marketing

To get hands on a full-fledged SMM campaign, companies need to implicate and integrate several departments of their business, specifically when the goals directly impact on customers. So, to go through a feasible process, it will be helpful for companies to work with all their teams and collaboratively support to reach the anticipated business goals.

We have outlined certain key performance indicators that are important for your effortless marketing.

Sales: Since the upswing of social marketing, the term “Social Selling” has become immensely popular. Social media has proven to be a great way to increase the sales opportunities and generate higher leads than before. Customer Service:

Delivering a quick and better customer service has become measurably possible through social media channels. Companies can interact vibrantly with the customers and fix their issues instantly; but in case you delay or ignore in responding, can badly damage customer trust and your brand reputation.


Social channels help to know your brand’s social audience who are highly interested and engaged to your products and services. So, why not to start an in-depth research to improve your services via an online focus group or page for your company?

Human Resources:

It is the HR Team that consistently looks after all the social media activities of your company by looking through the applicants’ profile. Showcase your new product launch, added offerings and even job postings on social channels, which encourages users to share the information across multiple networks.


The Online Marketing department, known to be the PR and advertising always has a strong involvement in building effective social media strategy. But, with the shifting market focus, there’s always new ways to create brand awareness among people via social media. A strong word-of-mouth has to be spread energetically to the world.

STEP 3: Focus On Engaging Content

Once you have identified and involved the key stakeholders and networks, it is the right time to start creating an engaging content to be placed on your social channels. May this content be- a simple tweet, business post or a video message; all these should ladder up into your company’s goals.

Videos are the proactive way of assisting customers to answer their queries prior to be raised. Brand personality and company behavior can be presented beautifully through sensible videos.

Infographics helps in showcasing the information to customers in a simplified way. You can turn all your external or internal data into an insightful infographic that creates more customer engagement to your content.

STEP 4: Leverage Social to Know Your Business Opportunities

Once you have integrated social media strategy, it is assured that millions of messages to be shared across different social channels and conversations circumstancing around your brand. To make this happen in a more effective way, you need to consistently monitor your social media activities to identify more business opportunities.

Brand Followers:

People who follow actively and share your brand across different social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are some of the finest quality leads you hold on your part. So, don’t miss any chance of losing them out from your brand. Engage with them through continuous feedback sessions and build long-term relationships.

Competitor Info:

Keep a check on your competitors. Social media is the optimal way that gives clear insights of your competitors’ marketing approach, which ultimately help you identifying gaps or required enhancements in your product and services.

STEP 5: Track and monitor your market efforts

To analyze and improve all your marketing efforts, you must follow the above 1-4 operational steps. This final step helps you to track, monitor and improve your brand promotion, which actually is a step back to identify where does the marketing take you.

Track Your Success:

Use a tool to continuously track your success. Inovies offers a wide suite of solutions to social media analytics that support you to track which of your messages attracting customers more. We use tools like Google Analytics to help you view the posts that are improving conversions, driving traffic and increasing revenue.

Grow Your Success:

Once you identify and track the best performing and engaging content on social channels, you can assess the knowledge to enrich the success rate. We help you to write quality content and attractive social media posts that would help you hone the social media objectives for your branding.

Spread Your Success:

Letting people know about your success can be achieved in the best way through social voice. But before doing this, let the company itself know about the achievements and successes availed from social media marketing.

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