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Dell Startup Challenge - Season 2
The Dell Startup Challenge is an exciting platform for aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to market, get greater exposure, and win prizes. Three winners will walk away with a state-of-the-art Dell Vostro laptop. The grand prize winner will also get $5,000 worth of Dell technology. All winners will also be featured in exclusive stories on YourStory. Idea submission            :  Sept 10 - Oct 10 ...
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How to hook up your “Startup Branding
As the gusto for every business lies in Branding, Branding for startups is even more essential because these organizations are in the budding stages of their development. And the process of branding is not like a guide to study and move ahead, it comes from the experience they own. There happens the born of approximately 11,000 startups per every hour, handling this range of competition will be by Branding where startups can gain more brand value for their business organizations. Excepting be...
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5 stars of ERP and ecommerce integration
We would like to discuss it to the point, without beating around the bush. There are five awesome benefits of having ERP integration with your ecommerce website, which we consider as 5 stars of ERP and ecommerce integration. In simple words ERP is explained as the dynamic system to maintain your database and related operations. ERP is trending in every domain. See the magic when your ERP system is integrated with ecommerce site Inventory management becomes easy. Bidirectional Integr...
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Things that are to be taken into deliberationfor every start up
The entrepreneurial environment observed a miraculous speedof investment from the previous five years.However, exertions in deal had significantly decelerated in 2016 and havesettled down in starting of 2017. Business persons have to be so cautious regarding how to function under the strategy that a fresh equity round on company-favorable terms will be available continuously. Currently, many startups prefer to engross in the program of strategic planning that endeavors to come across upcoming...
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Project Communication Plan
What Communication Plan presents? A Communication Plan outlines and deliberates the stakeholders of the project with what type of task they are going to deal on and with whom it is demanding to exchange their ideas. This Communication Administration Plan sets a clear way of communication outlines for an IT project application. In this small IT application development, drawing of communication plan is done in an effortless way and does not require any hostile effort. The communication pl...
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Comprehensive On- page Audit checklist
Getting ready to audit your site’s SEO. You are set to launch into enhancing the SEO while figuring out all the potential clients that your website might have. Every site has its negative aspects which end up wrong. The good part is that which every problem you face you climb a step ahead to improve. As an SEO, the point of auditing your site is to find ways to get more out of it. The basis for a  good SEO strategy, is the a precondition or prerequisite that the content must be wel...
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5 Winning Social Media Strategies From a Master Marketer
All business who use the social media platform  strive hard to find ways to  gain visibility,  attract more traffic, to engage their users and all above all to promote brand awareness. It’s not simple to get the social media strategies to fall in place. In this article let’s find ways to improve social media strategies that promote your brand on social media platforms. 1. Stop being a robot. Apps have made our life's easier, also there's a approach to ...
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Reminding the Reminder in CRM
We always note down the important data in our scribble pad, on our calendars, mobile reminders, and there are many ways. If you are a salesperson you need to be too much particular about the dates for follow ups, meetings, or for making deals. One cannot totally depend on their memory power for such business things. There is a need of great help which can reduce the total stress of memorizing the important dates. To reduce that space of time which is consumed in memorizing everything and to b...
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Changing to ERP
It may be logistics, IT, ecommerce company or any other industry there is a need of different softwares to handle work in different departments. Like a HR department, accounting, Marketing team, Development department, etc. And what if you want information from a particular department then you have to extract data from that particular department. That is how the system works and in this process it takes lot of time, where much manual work is needed. So to reduce that Enterprise Resource Plann...
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Why Apple is famous and you’re not
Though it is an apple that fell on Newton’s head or IOS’s Apple, if we talk about either of them they got famous. Users other than Apple makes fun of those who use it because of it’s cost, still it is a matter of debate if we discuss about the best OS in the current market. There may be many features present in other OS, but because of it’s unique features it got famous. If we talk about an apple that fell on Newton’s head or the other one. It seems to be nothing...
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