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Reminding the Reminder in CRM
We always note down the important data in our scribble pad, on our calendars, mobile reminders, and there are many ways. If you are a salesperson you need to be too much particular about the dates for follow ups, meetings, or for making deals. One cannot totally depend on their memory power for such business things. There is a need of great help which can reduce the total stress of memorizing the important dates. To reduce that space of time which is consumed in memorizing everything and to b...
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Changing to ERP
It may be logistics, IT, ecommerce company or any other industry there is a need of different softwares to handle work in different departments. Like a HR department, accounting, Marketing team, Development department, etc. And what if you want information from a particular department then you have to extract data from that particular department. That is how the system works and in this process it takes lot of time, where much manual work is needed. So to reduce that Enterprise Resource Plann...
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Why Apple is famous and you’re not
Though it is an apple that fell on Newton’s head or IOS’s Apple, if we talk about either of them they got famous. Users other than Apple makes fun of those who use it because of it’s cost, still it is a matter of debate if we discuss about the best OS in the current market. There may be many features present in other OS, but because of it’s unique features it got famous. If we talk about an apple that fell on Newton’s head or the other one. It seems to be nothing...
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Your service should speak about your brand
Often we miss to understand the hidden hints available in the field of marketing and our end output to the customer. There are two areas which need to observed by a service provider in an IT market: Do what you have promised for Your services should get in sync with your promises. Don’t say something and do something else. I will explain this using two examples  First one: A vendor displayed a pink coloured dress in an ecommerce website and that was awesome. I decided that i ...
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E Commerce and its Future in upcoming decade
Since last five years e-commerce have emerged like anything. E-commerce vendors grew in sales drastically though the traditional sellers are struggling, tech savvy web sellers are stepping towards innovation. According to “The Indian Express” india will be second largest in the world in terms of e-commerce after a decade or less than two decades. As per the news ecommerce industry will grow all over the world and till 2020 growth would be 28 percent every year, that has recorded by t...
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Risks Associated with an e-commerce Website
Ecommerce websites are in a trend these days. You need not to go to market if you want to buy anything, just go to any ecommerce website select the category, filters and then choose your item and do the payment for that. They will deliver your item to your place soon. After the emergence of e-commerce era, people started shopping online as it takes less efforts and one can have variety of options and brands. But, it is one side of the coin, another side of the coin is these ecommerce websites...
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What makes your User Experience worth Remembering
It is necessary to understand that, how our mind receives the things which appears in our sight. This will definitely help you in knowing the fact about how can we provide best user experience, so that you could not face failed attempts of online efforts. When you give a good User Experience, it increases your web presence and creates a sense of “coming back” feeling to the site. Now, that is the matter of success in terms of engaging your website visitors. Once you start winni...
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Why you should not go for low Cost Designs to build your Web presence
For a startup at it’s launching, the availability of funds would be limited. Often startup founders tend to save their funds by finding economic ways to save their money, and the mistake they do is opting for low cost designs without thinking about the quality of service. Here, we are not saying that we are against to low cost services, but i suggest that our main focus should be quality and productivity. We totally understand that it could be harder for you to go with some more expensi...
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How to make a good mobile or web MVP
While developing a web or mobile app we make sure that it is “Minimum Viable Product (MVP)”. The MVP’s are developed consisting of basic functionalities which will be sufficient for good sales of the product. Planning about which features should be added in your mobile and web application is stressful. It should get into the MVP criteria. And we should develop our product by considering the target audience. Things that need to be taken care of, while developing your MVP. ...
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100 Questions to ask before website design or web development
Describe your target audience. What is the purpose of the website? What are your corporate core values and how do you express them to your visitors? What makes you different from your competitors? Why should people do business with you rather than your competitors? Describe the style of the website you want. Do you have specific company colors that need to be used? Do you have any other materials that the site needs to match with in some way (brochures, press materials, etc....
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