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About Inovies Web development and Digital Marketing Hyderabad India

Armed with our choice of Weapons, HTML, CSS3, PHP, Jquery, MySQL or Content, i-Team is ever ready to tackle those complex problems you have been facing through in web development. Get a sneak peek at what they have created here


The Tale of Inovies

Bommasani Nagendra, has been breathing Business ever since he knew himself. The audacity to takeover a teaching Institute (when he himself went to learn the courses there) at the age of 18 says it all. Trying hands on multiple business entities has earned him not only accolades but rich experiences and yes, unforgettable failures too As they say opposite poles attract, he joined hands with his partner Shaheen. While he is imaginative, technically strong, poor in communication, she has been his choicest weapon with imperative communication and Writing Skills. Hola, the pair sets out to write Digital success Saga.

Journey of Inovies is nothing less than a Fairy Tale

Year of Inovies

Entered in to the Digital market with a tiny office space with just one employee & lots of hope. People started to join and projects start to pour in. The era where writing was just a copy & Paste work, they made their mark in writing services and the clients wanted nothing but Inovies for content

Year 2007

Year of Establishment

The Incorporation of the company has been done and the commencement of web development, digital marketing, Start up Consulting took Inovies to the next level The business has been expanded to a newer and better location, Hitech city where the employees have all the reasons to rejoice

Year 2009

Year of goal

Now its time to get certified.Inovies gets its first accreditation in the form of ISO 9001 2008 Certification. It shoulders us responsibility for the best in everything.

Year 2010

year of trade

Inovies Started License Software Solution from the year 2013. We mainly focused in major License Software solution, implementation, Security & Storage Solution.

Year 2013

Year of Pride

Inovies moved to the own Premises in Hitechcity, reaching its first drawn Milestone. Congratulations and Celebrations!!

Year 2014

year of experience

2015 taught Inovies on how to deal with failures. Yes the rich experience we get from failures never could be achieved with Success alone. We happened to work for the projects those are not only complex, but have been abandoned by the big players. Nevertheless, the ecstasy on achieving the same is beyond words. It taught us our capability and helped take that extra mile towards success

Year 2015

Year of Excellence

Inovies has been Privileged and honored with many awards, media, interviews, corporate associations. Set up its mark in Dubai, the first step in foreign land. Worked and appreciated on Government projects in India and SriLanka. Appreciated in Web development, digital marketing and Technical writing for the best reasons. Google Partnership, NASSCOM Membership, IMA membership and what not

Year 2016

Years of future

As Inovies Sets to travel along the global road with the strategies clearly derived, certainly the heights and success is inevitable. Yet, We shall set our foot on the ground while looking at the sky. The undying spirit to achieve more will be intact. The goals for future are To increase the stature of our employees who gave their heart and soul at work To preserve the Quality of the work, come what may To give something back to the society,which has been giving us a lot, without being asked To continue optimizing the costs of the clients in terms of money and resources. Because we believe the growth is mutual and we don’t entertain our clients fall prey to scammers. Educating them is the best way to handle this To take Inovies to a Global podium , where our work and experiences are valued and appreciated.

Its just a Begining

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