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Smart Digital Marketing suite of solutions

Moving your business towards digitalization

Marketing business in an effective way requires little magic, and we do this in the best promising way.

Digital Marketing has a clear space in nourishing the business and no wonder why the business tycoons are investing jaw dropping amount to the long mileage of their business

Our marketing services include the following: SEO, PPC, Social media marketing, Web Analytics, Affiliate Marketing and Mobile strategy

Search Engine Optimization

Today is a good Day for SEO

Whether it is an SME or MNC, SEO has a role in the development of the business. The large-scale reachability to the end users has made digital marketing strong enough to set a benchmark in the global marketing industry.  

Each Second, millions of searches being done by the end users for right services. With SEO, make sure you are prominent in search results.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Creating connections between you and customers

Optimize the costs of Marketing and draw the line to the best ROI(Return on Investment) with Pay per click marketing. Define your budget, client age and demographics to target and see the potential traffic flowing to you. It’s a scalable method to use while the SEO is being done on its pace.

Social media Marketing

Go Social the right Way!

Being social is quite essential to build relationships with the customers, and there is no point of argument in that. But, here, it’s not just the verbal socialization.

Advertise in social media with your chosen audience, age, demographics with the budget and see your reach outgrowing to the audiences you never know exist

Content Marketing

With Poor Content, you handle business to your competitors!

Bounce rate has a direct relationship with the final throughput of SEO. The higher the bounce rate, the lesser the chances of high ranking are!!

Content is said to be king in SEO, Why? Because your potential leads find the best of your services through content and images you place in your website.

Do not let your leads juggle between the websites for a decision. Make sure you put the right information which is of value to them.

Local Marketing

Think Global, Act Local

Yes, you heard it right. Stretch your arms to the sky and start your path from your home. Local marketing takes you to the places untouched by general marketing and reap you social benefits

Carry a legacy with you in marketing, start local marketing today with Inovies

Email Marketing

Because Old school is still in use

Email marketing is the cost effective way to keep track of your customers interests and keeping intact your presence in the market.

Shooting a bulk email in the list wouldn’t just help, carry a plan, invest in writing good that the customers want to read and offer what you can do to make their lives easier

Lead Generation

You are out of business if you don’t have a prospect

Scary, but true. Until you have prospects pouring in and the excitement running down your veins to close the deal, you are in business. No matter how slow the process is, leads keep your veins active

Don’t let the ecg straight with the best lead generation by Inovies

Customer Acquisition

Acquiring customers the cost effective way

Customer acquisition strategies and the client appeal go hand in hand. The impact of the right strategy comes in the form of new consumers, cost optimization, identification of potential consumers .

We rode the same dusty road and we capably know how customer acquisition works

Growth Hacking

Growth in Progress , check back soon

Growth Hacking is a buzz word , for the sole reason that it fetches accelerated growth to start ups. This word has been coined just during 2010 and has been a favorite for startups.

For the one who want to grow fast , acquire steady users and good amount of revenue, growth hackers can help.

With a mix of conventional and non-conventional strategies, growth hacking experiments across various marketing channels to a landing solution that achieves steady results

Digital Marketing Consulting

Because the gap between you and your customer is a DM consultant

A digital marketing consultant analyses your current niche in the market social media, campaign and strategies and derives a workable strategy inline to your needs

Whether it’s a digital strategy development, SEO audit, Google adwords, Google analytics customization or social media/content marketing, Inovies with the Digital marketing niche helps you around to drive the sales

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