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We love Business and the new ideas we come across each day. The enthusiasm each new project/venture comes up with is enticing.

We want every start up to be successful , to outgrow , reach their deadline . We are aware each new project success comes with employment opportunities to many. Here we present the Consulting and strategic solutions to Startups, Small and medium sized companies to better take decisions.

Ideas turned outputs with Expertise

Technology with Expereince

No project is too small or large for us. Our target is to direct you towards the right idea formation, putting across our industry Expereince n bringing the right strategy. Don’t worry , we know the pain on startup Investments, our plans will not burn your pockets

Reading your niche and writing right plan at right time

Because Time waits for none

We analyse your Industry, detail what you are good at, Fill the knowledge Gap, Ensure you adapt all resources before start and draft a plan which is just for you. Generic plans and strategies available on the Internet might not be tried and tested. But we assure our plans have been implemented by Self.

startup business plan

Lead the Leader the strategic Way

Because he is second to none

In your business segmentation, you need to connect with people, places , media and the fraternity to brand yourself. Reaching out to Industry Leaders who leverage your business to new height is complex for startups. We help you strategize on link building with respective leaders to raise momentum to your brand

startup business building

Hit the bulls eye Perfectly

Before someone else does

The main aspect of any start up/small business is target users. The more users get to know you, the more your potential leads turn buyers. Present yourself crisp to your users and let them follow you to your door.

startup business marketing

Industries doesn’t matter, Experience does

We have seen them draw bigger lines

When starting any business, people talk about strategy before the goal. That’s how we tend to waste precious resources in hunting the imaginary. We have failed, experimented, experienced, stood up to what we call successful today. Lead by Example is apt to Inovies

startup business consulting

Startup Busienss FAQ's

Its all about your doubts

We’ve all heard that "just getting 51% of the company will help us control the board and rule the world!" But in startup companies, that's often not the case. A lot of our control actually lies within the agreements that we create within the company, regardless of our percentage of control.


Paying people with equity is synonymous with startups. But the problem is that equity isn't like cash — it's far more valuable, yet we tend to spend it like it's free. We later come to learn that equity is not only expensive now, it's way more expensive later as the company grows, and we now hold less of it.


Whether or not we think about it daily, many of us have this nagging thought in the back of our minds of the "what if?" of raising capital. There's a time and a place where raising capital absolutely makes sense, but often we're either not there or we misunderstand why we should be thinking about capital at all.


The truth is, startups get funded at all different stages, from the initial idea all the way up through proven traction. The problem is that the un-initiated don't quite understand what the difference is.


More often than not, what we avoid saying to investors is as valuable as what we do say. With our best intentions, we often shoot ourselves in the foot making lofty assumptions or declarations that investors hear all the time and just start shaking their heads. Let's avoid that.

startup consulting

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