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42 Posts on Social Media Marketing Strategies

42 Posts on Social Media Marketing Strategies

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SEO and Social Media has certainly grown together, in which both practices are able to benefit businesses worldwide to be more visible to their target audience by simply applying and merging these two marketing strategies into a single powerful approach.

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The links below are all the posts I’ve created that include techniques and strategies to boost a site/brand’s social media marketing campaign:

  • 70 Useful Inbound Marketing Checklists and Cheat Sheets – the most comprehensive list of cheat sheets and checklists for social media marketing, SEO, conversion optimization and many more!
  • Influencer Outreach – a step-by-step guide on how to implement scalable influencer outreach campaigns.
  • How to Rank on Google SERPs through Social Influence – a detailed guide and analysis on how earning brand mentions can help improve a site’s overall rankability on Google search results.
  • YouTube Marketing – my presentation for one of the local gDays event here in the Philippines, wherein I’ve shared a lot of useful and actionable tips on using YouTube as an effective marketing tool.
  • 12 inbound marketing tips – highlights the key areas of inbound marketing (including social media) that I’ve focused on and have been very efficient with for the past few inv.
  • How to get more social shares to your website – this is my post for Blogvember on Hitreach, where I covered several methods that brands can implement to get more social signals to their websites.
  • The ROI in forum and comment marketing – a case study on how these 2 social marketing methods have helped me grow my consulting business.
  • How to scale content marketing – as content is commonly integrated with social campaigns nowadays, this post tackles the areas and factors of a campaign that can help make it scale and semi-automated.
  • How to develop ROI-driven Inbound Marketing campaigns – a step-by-step guide to strategy development, execution and measuring your inbound marketing (content, SEO, social and email) initiatives.
  • How I win in content marketing – short post that briefly explains how I approach content development.
  • Improving conversions through online branding – explains how several online brand strengthening mediums, including social channels, can impact site conversions.
  • How to become an influencer – comprehensive guide on how to use content and relationship marketing (through social media) to grow readership/following base and effectively spread influence.
  • How to build brand signals – social signals is one of the brand signals that search engines use to determine the credibility, authority and popularity of a site, which in turn impacts search rankings.
  • Digital marketing tips from marketing professors – professors from different universities shared their tips and principles in social media and digital marketing.
  • Using Social Media to drive contextual links and brand mentions – an extensive guide that details every process needed to consistently build brand awareness (through links and brand mentions) to a site.
  • Xight Interactive’s Inbound Marketing Process – includes a guide on how we do advanced social media marketing, as a part of our holistic approach to online marketing.
  • Natural link building with the help of Social Media – a tutorial on creating a process that will semi-automate your link building and brand building efforts.
  • How to use Evergreen Content to fuel social media strategy – tips on how timeless content can help boost and scale a brand’s social media activities (in terms of gaining more positive reception, followers, and social shares).
  • Using images for social media marketing – there are ton of image-based web communities, and this post discusses how to utilized these channels to build brand awareness, social mentions and links to your site.
  • How to sell more online by being an Authority – using content strategy and effective social media promotions to build authority and increase conversions.
  • How to create and use personas for Social Media – comprehensive guide to using personas to improve social media, link development and online branding campaigns.
  • Viral Content ideas for Boring Industries – the post shares different approaches to content development, which can improve the viral capabilities and social spread of a site/brand.
  • Viral Marketing Strategies – guide to getting massive traffic spikes by utilizing different social channels and on how to make the most out of those earned traffic.
  • Inbound Marketing Strategies – explains how social media plays in a full-inbound marketing campaign and how to make it more efficient by merging the practice with other marketing channels.
  • Plusblogging – using Google+ to improve a campaign’s content marketing efforts and to eventually dominate its target audience on Google+
  • Blogger Outreach – alternative ways that social marketers can use to get in touch with their link/blog prospects to get coverage.
  • Online Brand Marketing – extensive guide to using social media, and other marketing channels, to build an authority brand over the web.
  • Social Contest Marketing – a brilliant guest post from David Klein, Director of Orange Line, on how brands/businesses can use contests to promote their websites.
  • Build Authority on Google+ – list of ways to build a strong and engaged following base on Google+
  • Linker and Social Outreach – comprehensive guide on how to identify social linkers in any industry and on how to obtain social shares as well as links from them.
  • Social Media Best Practices for 2012 – using social media as a part of a whole SEO and Inbound Marketing Process
  • Viral Content Marketing – my deck that explains how to use social media to effectively promote a potential viral content.
  • Intensifying Organic Traffic – a list of techniques – including social media – that can be used to yield more targeted traffic to a site.
  • Social Media Marketing for Photoblogs – tips on how to promote Photoblogs through both SEO and social platforms.
  • 1-2 Punch Marketing for Blogs – action plans to establishing relationships/connections and promoting high-value content to exemplify authority in any industry.
  • Link Magnetism – explicates how to build an authority site and to attract powerful links and social mentions through relationship building and continuous content marketing.
  • Online Brand Development – a post on enhancing brand presence through link building and social media
  • Social Signals – gives details to how obtain higher search rankings through social signals and includes tips on how to get more social shares to a site’s content.
  • Getting Editorial Links and Mentions – an extensive guide to acquiring in-content links from high-traffic and authority sites through various methods, including social media.
  • Trust Marketing – a marketing principle that also embraces the idea of building social profiles’ authority to gain more trust from users and search engines.
  • Guest Posts and Contributions:
  • Launching a Link-worthy Website – complete guide to launching a new website, from preparation to promotion.
  • Links vs Tweets – a crowdsourced content by Jon Cooper, asking 24 SEO experts to share their thoughts on the power of links and tweets.

Feel free to bookmark or share this page, as I will be continuously update this page for more posts that I’ll be publishing that tackles social media marketing.

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