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I found a great Gartner article which details a documentation checklist needed for a successful project. This article is specific to ERP projects, but can be leveraged for many other types of projects. The checklist includes the following items:

  • Business strategy
  • IT strategy
  • Application strategy
  • Business case
  • Selection artifacts
  • Project charter
  • Project plan
  • Board approval documents
  • Project status reports
  • As-Is and To-Be process documentation
  • Gap analysis and gap closure documents
  • Customization documentation, including modifications, reports and interfaces
  • RICEFW objects and documentation, including objects' owners and business cases for justification of the objects
  • All licenses for the software and hardware covered by the project, including any license restrictions
  • All maintenance agreements with software and hardware vendors or third parties, including SLAs
  • Organizational change management plan, including status
  • Risk management plan, including status
  • Benefits realization plan, including assigned metrics
  • Blueprint/configuration documentation
  • Milestone sign-off/acceptance documents
  • Testing strategy, including test data, plans, scripts and tools for future changes
  • Testing documentation, including unit, integration, capacity/volume and user acceptance testing (UAT)
  • Training documentation, including training needs, training plan, training evaluation and ongoing training
  • Data conversion documentation
  • Support model
  • Support roles and responsibilities (if not included in the support model)
  • User procedures
  • System operation procedures
  • Change control/release management strategy and schedule
  • Open issues register
  • Escalation process (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 rules)
  • Governance model
  • Post-implementation review schedule
  • This full list provides a great understanding of the types of items required from a documentation perspective and is a fairly comprehensive list.

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