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Website copywriting that sparkles

dotH is exclusively patnered with Vantage Copy, the specialized web content and SEO writing services firm. Together, we offer web content copywriting services to businesses and organisations that want to enhance their web presence through quality writing using appropriate keywords to help with search engine optimisation (SEO).

We also partner with designers, developers, digital agencies, SEO specialists, communications consultancies, PR companies, marketing agencies and more – as a content and copywriting partner.

End-to-end content solutions you can trust

Website content – we write and edit content using relevant key words that it is both search engine optimized and appeals to the target audience

E-mail newsletters – we plan, create and manage regular e-mail newsletters for businesses, groups and organizations

Blogs – we can write a regular blog on a company’s behalf, related to their business or industry, for example

News sections – we edit and write news for a company’s website, reporting on events in their own business or a digest of what is happening in their industry

Client case studies – we can interview clients to find out their positive experiences of a company’s product or service and write it in a journalistic style so that it is an engaging read for potential clients

Client testimonials – we can contact clients on a business’s behalf to get brief testimonials from them

Journalistic – style articles – we use our background in journalism to write journalistic-style articles about a company, its management and staff, its market, its products and services or its key players for publication on the company website

Mediapack – we ensure that all the basic information and vital statistics a journalist might need on a company is included on its website, to help its public relations and media exposure.

dotH provides unique and creative content services which are developed by a team of experienced writers. With dotH’s content team that develops unique and attractive content not only helps your business to promote online, but also make your business look professional.

2. Fresh Content Generates More Traffic to Your Site

While the content on your site serves to inform and captivate clients, it also serves one other purpose – to get visitors to your site in the first place! Content writers know precisely how to craft search engine optimised content to get your brand noticed. They are able to incorporate relevant keywords into their content to help potential clients – and Google! – find your site. Why spend all that money on your website’s design if the content isn’t going to lure anyone to it?! Hiring a content writer generates traffic to your website.

3. High Quality Content Will Help You Make the Sale

Hiring a content writer will assure that the content on your website is engaging, well written and high quality. High quality content is important for 2 main reasons:

    1.SEO: Google gives higher rankings to websites with higher quality content, as it considers this content more adept at answering the questions it users are searching for.

    2.Increased sales: content writers know how to seamlessly incorporate call to actions into content to incite your website’s visitors to take the next step.

Moral of the story: don’t skimp on content quality! Just like poorly written content can damage your brand’s reputation, high quality content can strengthen it. Use your words wisely! Don’t rely on Bob from Human Resources to produce content that will make sales – hire a content writer!

4. Assures Regularly Updated Content

One of the primary reasons companies don’t blog or update their website regularly is that they simply (and understandably) don’t have the time. Generally, when it’s “crunch time”, blog posts and content updates get pushed aside. Hiring a content writer makes sure these (very important!) content updates aren’t simply afterthoughts. Significantly, Google takes note of how often the content on your website is being updated and rewards regularly updated websites with higher rankings; Google views regularly updated content as a sign of quality and credibility. In fact, neglecting to update the content on your website can negatively affect your site’s search engine ranking. By hiring a content writer, you’re assured that your content will be updated regularly.

5. You’re Free to Use Your Time More Productively

Now that you’re not spending hours stressing over content that you don’t feel comfortable writing, you have plenty of time to be more productive at doing something you’re very good at: your job! Although it may save you the expense of hiring a new employee or outsourcing, forcing current employees to do something that doesn’t come naturally to them, such as writing weekly blog posts, isn’t going to help anyone in the long run. Let your employees focus on the job they were hired to do, and hire a content writer to write your content – everyone wins! (especially your website!)

Whether you choose to outsource or hire in-house, hiring a content writer for your website is the way to go. Show your website the respect and care it deserves but populating it with the quality content that will get it noticed!

Want to find out more about content marketing? Contact our digital marketing agency today to find out what we can do for your business.

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