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 what is an ecommerce website

What is an ecommerce website

Transaction of business, services and products over the Internet is called ecommerce website . Ecommerce is called "electronic commerce." Ecommerce is not just confined to selling and buying goods online but involves other activities too. Any transaction which is electronically done falls under the ecommerce category.

Some examples of Ecommerce include

1) Online Shopping

Buying and selling products and services over the Internet is a common example of ecommerce which all are aware of. Online sellers provide a space which give the user a feeling of store outlets. Users select products and purchases based on needs by clicking through mouse and selecting. Some popular online shopping are Amazon.com, ebay.com

2) Electronic Payments

When consumers buy products online, they have to go through payment to purchase the products online. Third party secured gateway are linked with providers like amazon and ebay. Electronic payments minimize the risks associated. There is a thorough check of the safety concern to avoid discrepancies.

3) Online Auctions

When you think online bidding, ebay is a perfect example. It includes auctions where anybody can participate and win the bid thus making it accessible to multiple consumers. Online auctions are cost effective and many consumers show interest in participating shopping than going to outlets.

4) Internet Banking

Today all banks encourage consumers to have internet banking operations which avoids the hassle of coming to banks for enquiries and balance checks etc. Credit card checks, linking bank accounts to online banking are biggest achievements of e-commerce.

5) Online Ticketing

Booking flight tickets, cinema tickets, train and event tickets, booking sport tickets are some of the facilities which can be booked online. Online tickets avoid the queuing systems in the counters.

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