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 test website speed and performance

test website speed and performance

Everyone likes website’s that load super fast.Websites that open up in as short as 4 seconds get more preference over the websites that take longer loading time.

Visitors simply quit the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load a website. It’s interesting to know that there are tools available online which can access the speed and performance of a website. Google encourages website to get higher ranking that load in the blink of an eye. It's of the key factor in SEO

Let’s check some of the free tools which test or evaluate the speed of a website.

1) Google Pagespeed Insights

Google evaluates the website on the basis of pagespeed on a scale from 1 to 100. Score above 85% is good and any score below that has to take measures to speed up. The test is conducted with the data given by Google on a desktop and on a mobile device of a webpage to estimate the results.

2) Pingdom Tools

Pingdom is another prominent tool which captures the speed of a website. It provides detailed insights and gives suggestions as what has to be done to decrease the loading time of a website Ex: pages that are being stuck without fetching results.

It has a section which displays the results based on the performance ranked on a scale from 1 to 100. The criteria that are tested are page loading time, and the number of request per page.

3) GTmetrix

GTmetrix is another powerful tool which evaluates the speed of a website.It also provides detailed information and insights which include the pagespeed, and indicates where exactly is the breakdown point of the site.

4) WebPageTest

WebpageTest is a popular tool which effectively calculates the website speed and performance using tools such as Webpage Test. Using webpagetest we can conduct the test across at any specified location, any browser. It provides a detailed report, stating the necessary steps to achieve maximum speed.

Having a fast-loading website is important. People are generally impatient, and a site must load in less than 4 seconds. The faster it is, the longer they’ll stay and read/buy. But if the site is slow, people leave. To them, your site sucks. They’ll simply to go your competitor’s fast site!

Google also insists it be fast. If not, again, it sucks – and it won’t rank high in search results. This isn’t coincidence: After many years of tracking sites via Google Analytics, the search giant has seen direct correlations between speed and site usage. Slow sites are deemed not useful, thus rank lower.

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