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 splash page vs landing page

splash page vs landing page

So in this article let’s know what’s a splash page and a landing page and the differences. Let’s break the silence of what it is..

Splash Page

Splash page is the initial or a welcoming screen at which a visitor looks into, before actually proceeding to the actual website. Ex: When we open Microsoft Word , the loading screen which appears before the app loads, yes that’s called as a Splash Screen.

Typically most splash pages have the welcoming statement before you enter into the site. Splash pages are a thing of the past. As such splash pages don’t provide any value from the SEO perspective as it has no content and takes ages to load.

Landing Page

Landing page is a single webpage with a single focused call to action either to sign up form or a button. Contests and coupons are also great types of landing pages.

Visitors usually land on these pages after clicking on Google or in a link in Google search results page and the most important aspects of a landing page is that it has no top bar navigation links.

Landing pages are meant to limit the options available to your visitors to help them guide towards the intended called action. Contests are great way to get new facebook likes, twitter followers, traffic to your website by leads and incentivizing them with prizes.

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