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 seo content writing best practices

seo content writing best practices

This article is useful if you are writing your own SEO website content, and these guidelines can be of immense help. This article aims to make it easily understandable to know the various aspects of SEO content.

Let’s get to understand what’s SEO content guidelines, the process is all about fetching results for the search algorithm which can be in the form of words or phrases. SEO content guidelines is written with the SEO perspective using keywords search.

Lets see some of the important SEO content writing guidelines:

Write for the users & not search engines

It might sound weird, but it’s true. Search engines focus more on the user search algorithms, what kind of words and phrases are being used. Don’t over stuff your content with keywords which makes it hard to read and leads to a high bounce rate.

Use headers

Main Headers called the H1 tags are essential criteria of SEO. Headers make the document more readable and divide the information into sub headings and smaller chunks which are easy to read. Also dividing into several components is a part of SEO strategy.

Don’t stuff keywords stuffing

SEO is not mere stuffing up of keywords, it’s a thing of the past that websites are ranked based on high keyword stuffing, thus making it less readable. Keywords in the form of words and short phrases are acceptable.

It’s a must to proofread your work

Proof reading the content is important be it blogs, articles, proof reading must not be missed before the content is published. Proofreading eliminates spell checks, grammatical mistakes, and makes the work presentable.

Do extensive research

No matter what ever the writing is for, a lot of research efforts has to be put in to write the content for websites and blogs. Visitors look for reliable and genuine information and there should not be any loop holes in the content. Improper content creates a bad reputation for the business.

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