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 role of database administrator in database management system

role of database administrator in database management system

A Database Administrator(DBA) is a person who takes charge for managing all the aspects and activities involved with the database system. A data base administrator needs sound knowledge and good level of expertise to handle the various activities. Depending on the size of the organization, a group of database administrators manage the tasks of the database systems. Database Administrators are responsible for the overall management, security, and performance of a database within a Database Management System. Their role is critical in ensuring data availability, reliability, and the smooth operation of applications that rely on the database. While database is a huge component, it’s a complex task and there are multiple tasks which a DBA should perform. While some of them are:

Installations & Configuration of database

Database administrator is in charge for the installations of the software & database. He does the configuration of the database s/w, also handles the upgrades and amends as and when required. There are a variety of database software system such as Oracle, MySQL within the software industry, DBA knows when to do the installation and configuration of database s/w.

Deciding the hardware device

DBA takes into multiple factors such as cost, performance & the potential of the hardware to decide which hardware best fits the organization’s needs. Hardware should be stable and robust as it’s the medium or interface which connects the users and the database.

Data Integrity

Data integrity is a serious concern for an organization. It should be secured and protected from unauthorized users.

Data Recovery and Backup

All organizations have central repositories which have massive database, which has to be handled with utmost care. If database collapses then all the data is poured in drain. Hence a proper backup of data is needed to avoid mishaps. DBA is responsible for the amount of data being stored or backup and on which intervals it has to be done. DBA also does the data recovery.

To summarize the roles and responsibilities of a Database Administrator(DBA):

  1. Maintaining backup of the data and recovering the database.
  2. Responsible for the installations of the software and configurations.
  3. Has to create new database records for any updates in employees history.
  4. Responsible for designing the database schema and data objects.
  5. Makes sure that the security is not breached, to protect the data or information.
  6. Works and coordinates with the system admins and resolves issues arising.
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