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 ppc landing page best practices

ppc landing page best practices

Landing page design is everything in the PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns . It should be clear to user in less than 5 seconds to engage your user to understand what services and products you are offering. Lets see the landing page best practices.

1) Explain your offer

Use context of images, videos, text to explain your offer. A good quality can show you the benefits of your offering, the images & videos should have direct purpose on the page rather than just filling space. Less potential leads place themselves in the actual situation of every part of the services. The information must reflect the product image.

2) Position your CTA

Your call to action button must be distinguishable and prominent above the fold. Give clear indications to the direction of CTA, include some images, videos etc.

3) Using White Space

The purpose of landing pages is to take the user deeper into the site and make a click on the call to action button. Maintaining the white space maximises the chances of readability and retains the visitor’s focus.

4) Using Colors

Colors are not for to enhance the aesthetic value of a landing page, but they make a positive impact which directs the user to click on the call to action button. Colors play an important role on our mood, our psychology and how we think and how we react.

5) Proper follow up

Your users and your businesses journet is not just about clicking on the landing page. Do proper follow ups and be thankful for choosing you to provide services.

6) Don’t cram up too much information

Every single landing page must have information one at a time. Every landing page has a definite purpose and hence restrict to the message pertaining to the purpose.

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