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 mobile application development process flow

mobile application development process flow

Mobile application development is a fast pace growth industry, new apps are launched everyday in the market, is a clear indication of how fast the communication is speeding up.

To design and build creative apps you need a proper strategy & planning with some real time knowledge to come up with some outstanding mobile applications which meet the objective.

Lets understand the mobile application development flow. The development part is done once the design requirements are made feasible. The process of building a mobile application development follows a SDLC lifecycle to ensure a creative mobile app.

Typical SDLC lifecycle has the following phases:

  1. Planning phase
  2. Design phase
  3. Development phase
  4. Testing phase
  5. Release and  maintenance phase.

The planning phase collects all the requirements for the mobile app and then a feasibility study is done to ensure the requirements can be met. The discovery phase typically has the study of the requirements, then the feasibility test is done, followed by the system definition and prototyping. The planning is done on how to proceed further, the coding is done for the mobile application.

The design phase includes the coding part and system design, database design, business process integration design which are all integrated as a part of the design process.

The development phase includes activities such as developing the framework, business process integration, user acknowledge testing, system and execution testing is carried out to ensure a smooth flow.

The testing phase is carried out to ensure the product is free of bugs and major bottlenecks, to ensure a robust and stable app is built.

The release and maintenance phase has the ongoing framework support.

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