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 Mobile app design and development company

Mobile app design and development company

Inovies is a web development & app development company which has expertise in handling the most delivering complex enterprise-level apps without compromising on quality and outstanding user experience.

We are a team with passionate in-house developers, designers and mobile advisors based in India. We take pride in detailed planning, transparency throughout the entire process and high reliability.

Mobility Services Strategy

In today’s connected world, from stakeholders to clients everyone establish a study bond and medium for interaction to mobile services. An organization’s success lies in the business services it offers. Our Mobility Services approach gives proper strategic direction as to which mobile applications have positive impact and benefit the organisation.

Our strategical approach is binded to the fact that data and technology go hand in hand, which when applied in the right combination it has a great impact. To ensure we achieve this, we implement a three-step approach to define the organization’s big picture.

Design & User Experience

Early phase of developing an app is to figure out the purpose of the app, and what’s the intension behind developing it both from the end user and the business point of view. The clarity helps to improve the functionality and technical aspect of the app for which the app is developed, thereby making it easy for users to get what they desire.

Assigning KPIs is important at this stage. If the strategy and concept is already outlined, using our vast experience which we have gathered by building several mobile apps. And get feedback on what’s feasible and what’s not, to understand the loopholes which cannot be overlooked. The ultimate target goal of the UX design phase is to design and deliver creative apps which are easily understandable and awesome.

Development & Quality assurance

At all phases of the development process, we implement iterative approach to achieve flexibility and efficient workflow. We build and create apps for multiple platforms such as (iOS, Android, Windows ) but build the native apps for every individual for enhanced user experience.

Our team of skilled and experience in-house developers located in Hyderabad hold the expertise in mobile development across multiple platforms. We implement different methodology for various devices having larger OS dimensions to increase user experience. Almost all apps contain backend which can be easily integrated into our existing frameworks or API’s.

With the number of mobile users emerging everyday, with varying OS versions and multiple screen sizes, the OS and hardware are the critical components to be considered while testing the app’s performance across various environments.

We conduct tests on mobile devices that are latest or trending in Android phones. We do rigorous testing on Appstore and Google Play to ensure its free of any crashes or errors.

Operating & Monitoring

Few apps last for a limited time, while some apps are long lasting. It’s important to understand the scope of the app and let changes progress over period of time as requirements and user needs change with time. No matter how creative the app is, it might fade away with time as new apps constantly emerge with stunning features.

We keep a track of this by enforcing analytics to understand the pattern of the app usage. As a standard practise we use Google Analytics, also we hold vast experience in handling various third party tracking tools.

Our process is agile and iterative

We implement Agile approach to keep track of the progress of the project. It ensures efficiency and delivers work in small releases which is a great way to progress.

Integrated teams throughout the entire project

To ensure uniformity and deliver best quality of work in the project, we involve our team members at all phases of the project to build teamwork, gain sound knowledge and exchange new ideas.

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