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 how to increase website speed

How to increase website speed

Website’ speed of loading pages is a priority factor for web users accessing the website. It’s very annoying and users have least tolerance when the page takes ages to load. Even Google gives preference in ranking high for websites with higher loading speed. In this article I’m going to share tips to improve site speed and yields greater profits.

Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Many sites are hosted on servers located in the US, websites situated locally have faster access using a VPN service. The website speed is relatively slow for people from other countries. Hosting files on a CDN considerably speeds up the speed of the site saving the usage and increases speed of the site by 60%. CDN’s cover a vast area of servers which are distributed across the globe.Since the bandwidth is widely spread across many servers, it minimizes the burden on any server thereby safeguarding your sites from DDos attacks.

Remove unwanted plugins and Add-ons

Remove unwanted plugins and adds ons which impact on the performance of the website speed when the site is built on WordPress or Joomla. Plugins slow down the site speed of loading to a massive 86%. The number of plugins and the quality of plugins have the similar impact. Good quality plugins do not hamper the speed of website speed while the lower end of plugins usually the crappy ones. Plugins that many styles and pages of script must be avoided as they occupy more space on each page of the website. Plugins are helpful for the website functionality but must be carefully chosen if necessary.

Optimize and Reduce Image Size

Large image size takes longer time to load and uses ample server resources. If your site has an image size of 2MB it consumes large server space. Its suggested to reduce the image size without compromising on the quality. Tools such as WP Smush can be used for websites built using WordPress.

Fix All the Broken Links on Your Website

The broken links in the pages of a website doesn’t impact the website speed, but makes a bad impression for the user. Broken links in your Javascript, CSS slow down the website speed considerably. Ensure to fix the links before the users leave your site.

Restrict Social Sharing Buttons on Your Website

Having tons of social sharing buttons on websites reduces the website speed and reduces traffic. Almost all social buttons use Javascript at the back end which takes longer to load and reduces the performance of the site. To make the situation better it’s suggested to restrict or remove the social sharing to reduce the impact of buttons on slowing down the website.

Validate Caching

Caching makes sure the user experiences a relatively quicker loading of websites. It achieves this by storing the category of the website on its browser and sends the output till the website is live again or changes have been updated. Enabling caching speeds up the considerably and drops the loading time from 2.4 seconds to 0.9 seconds; which is great. There are various methods to validate the caching, you can add plugins too.

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