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how much does it cost to redesign a website

how much does it cost to redesign a website

It’s quite a tricky question to propose a quote for a website redesign. There are many elements to be considered in a website such as the design, functionality level of the website, scope and purpose and the framework on which was built. Often website redesigning is a tedious and time taking process.There are many parameters involved and hence the cost is never constant.

Technologies  rise at a terrific speed, hence we have many options to redesign our websites. Depending on the size of the website and no: of pages , redesigning a website task takes around 20 days. To keep redesigning cost at bay, it’s important to consult an efficient developer who can understand the purpose of the website redesign, and make the changes possible in a quick span and eliminating the hidden costs associated.

The main purpose to consider to go for a web redesign is:
When the website looks stale and doesn’t reflect the goals of the business.
It’s not mobile friendly.
When your sales are not getting converted to leads.
When the navigation if often misleading and confusing.
It takes too long for the site to load.
When the content in the site lacks freshness and hard to update.
Knowing where to start to define your objectives and goals within your budget.
There are many elements to be considered while determining the cost of redesigning a website which define your business goals and objectives of what your websites desires to achieve. Your website mainly has to showcase and highlight your services and products to deliver offline work. Redesigning a website is a dear expense.

In Spite of the advancements in technology, in goes a lot of efforts and coding. A proper planning is needed to how best to implement the powerful frameworks. To put it in simple words, the more complex your website requirements are, higher are the costs associated.

2. To understand the redesigning process.
It’s important to understand the level at which the redesigning has to implemented. A website redesign implies the site already exists. Redesign involves removing specific features and replacing with more stable and robust technology for enhanced user experience , for better business prospects in the future. While redesigning is under process, the existing site might have elements in place such as the design elements and SEO which make the redesigning fall in place. Approaching a company gives you a  better idea of how to proceed further.

The basic objective to go for a website redesign is to pull all the elements for a common goal. To improve the brand image, the new website will be more stable built using the powerful framework. Thus enhancing the brand image, the content also has to be transformed which maximizes the overall site image, hence converting more targeted audience to clients.
The factors which determine the cost depends on 3 elements.The higher the element necessity, the higher is the cost.
The no: of different pages in the site
The functionalities in the site.

What level of customization is needed.
Domain name - $10 - $100 annually
Domain name stands for the unique name typed in the address bar or URL location to get  specific access to your site. Domain name is an ongoing cost and it can be rented or registered and the cost are charged on annual basis. Domain name is the basis for your website’s online presence. Only after the domain name is established potential clients and users visit your site and further business progresses. Web hosting and domain name go hand  in hand. Domain name cost is based on how well known or established you are. Its recommended to opt for domain name ending with. Com for  better future.

Website hosting –$50 - $200 annually
Web hosting service providers  allot a place for the website for online presence via the Internet, typically called servers. Web hosting provides room or space on it’s server for users to view it. A quality Web hosting service  should be opted as it provides better service such as faster loading of the pages, better site maintenance etc which are important from the user perspective and your business too.

Integrating shopping cart into your site- $500-$5000
Integrating a shopping cart is important feature for sites which sell services and products online. Ex: amazon. Incorporating shopping cart or an e-commerce functionality to a website, requires in depth checking of payment gateway, security, third party authentication, and making sure the payment gateway directs to the intended page  etc. The costs are on a higher side because it involves testing, integrating a third party payment gateway etc. 

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