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 framework for android app development

framework for android app development

Choosing a suitable framework for building Android applications raises ambiguity besides the tough competition in the market. Choosing a framework is quite tricky which is flexible in terms of code reusability. Deploying android app is a hard task but the process of building a perfect android app framework is a good experience.

Why choose Android?

Android is a stable platform and its the best OS. Its robust and very flexible and developers feel it easy to develop android apps because of the flexible OS.Also the apps developed can be accessed across multiple mobile devices. Let’s see the popular android app development framework.

1) Adobe Phonegap

Phonegap is a framework from the Adobe Company. PhoneGap is a framework which is used to build hybrid mobile applications using CSS, JavaScript and HTML. The framework ensures best performance across multiple devices and platforms to the intended audience without any boundaries. It has many plugins available.

Adobe Phonegap framework framework combines features which enables several developers to work at a time. This framework supports several debugging tools such as Safari Web Inspector for iOS, Chrome Developer Tools for Android and Visual Studio Web Debugging Tools for Windows Phone.

2) jQuery Mobile

jQuery is a flexible HTML5 framework, and if the code is written once it can be reused several times and the great thing is it’s responsive, it’s cross mobile platform which fits across multiple devices and multiple OS. It has many plugins available which reduces the time of developing app considerably. The unique feature about this framework is the ThemeRoller, which helps to build unique designs for the apps. The base for jQuery mobile is the jQuery base. It makes the process problem free and ensures free flow without difficulty.

3) TheAppBuilder

TheAppBuilder is a framework built using HTML5. The framework has a codeless interface for quick development. The advantage of this framework is that it can be submitted to Google Play.

4) Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium is a largest mobile app development framework which makes it possible to build original mobile applications that can be developed from a single JavaScript code base. It delivers mobile test automation which supports in doing manual testing

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