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 Examples of Content Management System

Examples of Content Management System

When you are planning to build a new blog or a website for business or have a corporate presence. The hassles of coding using HTML pages and using CSS are things of the past.

Life’s simpler just purchase web hosting services and start using the content management system (CMS), in no time the website has a fresh and polished look.

What is Content Management System?

Content Management Systems is a web-based applications with the purpose to update and create websites. They have additional plug ins which make it easy to maintain a website. Recently wordpress is a popular platform for building websites with easy drag and drop features, while CMS options are also available. Let’s check the CMS which can be downloaded and can be instantly used. Some examples of CMS include

1) WordPress

It’s the most popular and commonly used content management system(CMS) on the web, currently many websites are built using WordPress for blogging, life’s easier with wordpress. Wordpress has flexible features which makes it user friendly, with easy installation.Wordpress has built-in image with multimedia uploading supporting features. For developers who have no to minimal knowledge on HTML have the WYSIWYG editor which makes the coding process easier. Wordpress is a user friendly tool with multiple plugins and theme features to choose from. The best part of wordpress is that it supports documentation for customizing wordpress.

2) Joomla

Joomla is an advanced CMS tool in terms of functionality. Having said that using Joomla is an easy task using the Joomla installer. Joomla installer is compatible to work across hosting resources and easy to configure. Joomla is very much the same as Drupal. Joomla has highly attractive administration with excellent drop down features . Joomla community is more of paid services, it might be dear expense if opting for customization.

3) Drupal

Drupal is another tool in the CMS community, known for its vast features. Rather than considering Drupal as an independent platform,Drupal is an ideal example of CMS. Its installation has several features and modules which contain blogs, websites, forums etc. It can be integrated with third party tools to create interesting sites. Most interesting feature of drupal is its taxonomy module which allows numerous contents of several categories.Its an active community and supports plugins.

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