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 example of a dynamic website

example of a dynamic website

Websites that are built using some sort of coding or scripting are called dynamic websites. Dynamic site is built and developed using server-side coding language like PHP, ASP, JSP,Ruby on Rails etc. In a dynamic website, In dynamic site the content is taken from other databases as and when required by the users.

Dynamic sites are expensive to build, besides they offer many advantages. A dynamic website gives the website owner the flexibility to update any changes in the site. Dynamic websites offer many features which can make full use of the site which draws more interest for the visitors.

A dynamic website uses coding of languages such as HTML, CSS, with some scripting. There are 2 key reasons to be considered to go for a dynamic website.

It helps you to build an interactive site which maximizes the chances of interaction with the users, who can read and use it.

It makes it easier to distribute the HTML coding across the web pages.

A website is called dynamic website, for the reasons stated above. It’s not like facebook or Google+, but it has interactive components such search fields and contact links.Examples of Dynamic website include CMS, blogs which allow users to comment on a site, users uploading documents, discussion blog boards etc.

Advantages of Dynamic Websites

In a dynamic website, it’s easier to access the information as it’s stored in a central database, hence the process of retrieving the information is easier. The information is more organized and users can pull out the information depending on their needs.

You can use a Content management system which allows user interactions to retrieve and manage information. The content can be either in the text or image form, product categories, any description etc.

There are no hidden or no ongoing costs, until & unless there’s some requirement to update or change or add design.

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