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 elements of a good landing page

elements of a good landing page

Landing pages play an important role in a website, the layout & design aspects of a landing page are two critical components of a successful website. The primary purpose of a landing page is to help the visitor navigate deeper into the website.

Successful landing pages, fruitfully achieve the target of them buying the product or services from us. It also allows the user to leave feedback, send an email or do some follow up. Depending on the size of the organization, they use multiple landing pages, which sole purpose to draw the visitor’s attention through the search results.

They establish trust which makes the user to proceed further in moving forward towards the marketing funnel.The more attractive the landing pages are the greater is the chance for the leads to be generated.

Some of the key elements of a good landing page include


A perfect landing page must be simple, clean and precise. Ex: The landing pages images, should be in line with the services which your organization offers, it should have relevant information and links should be provided to buy & have details about your product.

It should allow the user to crawl deeper into the website and make his navigation easier by prompting him what to do next. This is the most important feature of an effective landing page.

Relevant Content

The landing page must be clean & simple. Yet providing relevant content is a must. The visitor must understand your message quickly and it should not be dragged.

Sticking to the point doesn’t deviate the user’s attention. Write good quality content to engage the visitor and greatly increases the landing page’s presence. Don’t provide too much or too little information.

Great Design

Visitors get attracted to pleasant colors, so it’s important to keep the landing pages pleasing. If your website looks clumsy with good content, yet there are chances for users to quit.

Invest wisely in having a great design to keep the visitor’s attention immersed.Use professional’s help who use images of good quality resolution, make it look modern and present it at its best.

Some of the important factors which must be present on a landing page include

  1. The company’s logo and few lines about it.
  2. Call to action.
  3. Details of your services and what exactly you do.
  4. Contact details.
  5. Proper links to navigate within the site.
  6. Add some reviews

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