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 creating a tagline for your business

creating a tagline for your business

Crafting a perfect tagline for your business is the first step of creating a successful identity. It promotes the company’s branding and briefly explains about what your company is and how your unique from the rest. Creating a tagline is a challenging task and requires numerous efforts and attempts to come up with the suitable tagline.

Don’t stress too much and be too flowery in writing your tagline. It’s just not mere words, but it has to shown in the action about how efficient you are in providing your services. A good tagline is essential for your business. It should be able to address the services and products offered by you in the best possible way.

When it comes to writing taglines, think different and come up with new ideas. What might work for others might not work so well for you. In this article I’ll illustrate some useful tips to write or create a perfect tagline for any business which is efficient and powerful.

So what’s a Tagline?

A slogan and tagline are similar , it’s an advertising verbal messages which conveys the intention or idea of the business in a few words. Slogan are linked directly to the messages which promotes your brand’s values and mission. Its writing verbal the purpose of your existence and what it stands for.

Writing a Tagline for Small Business

Let’s make the task easier by categorizing into chunks, so that you can come up with the perfect tagline

Three Steps to create A Tagline

1) Outline Your Mission

Briefly outline the mission of your company, the services and products you are offering. A general mistake which many companies do is to use labels such as “web design studio” which don’t convey anything specific to the potential client, as he can many companies offering the same services as you do. The above phrase”web design studio” is not a tagline it just a description of the service in a short phrase. If you are not able to convey the purpose of your identity in quick 3 seconds, then you can assume you have failed.

Focus on writing about your brand’s purpose of existence and its core values. Make the best out of it. Try thinking it from the user’s view or how a stranger would feel after reading it. Refine, and revise your work several times before you finalise it.

2) State The Customer's Key Benefit

Your brand has a mission & vision for the target audience to get the results. Perfect tagline states what a company does & its mission. List out the benefits and how it can help to enhance your identity and conclude with a final tagline. State the meaningful work in a few words or phrases.

3) Differentiate Your Brand From the rest.

In the conclusion your tagline has to reflect your brand’s identity. How different you are from your competitors. State what quality of work you do, and how you can make a difference. Highlights the benefits that you provide to attract different users. Just mix and match words to convey the right message until you convey the best identity of your brand.

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