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 Content Strategy vs Content Marketing

Content Strategy vs Content Marketing

A proper flow of useful and reliable content is a key component to implement effective inbound marketing strategy which helps the brand to establish besides attracting new clients. But how to get that content to reach the targeted client?

To get started into content creation, it’s essential to have a proper content strategy in place to implement content marketing strategy.

Content strategy is the architectural plan for the company's business needs to fulfill the goals of the organization. Content strategy must include on what basis is the content being created, the style and format being used to promote a standard brand image. Content strategy makes sure that the uniformity is maintained for all the content such as articles, mails, newsletters, blogs, websites etc and whatever may be the platform for which content is being created.

Typically Content marketing is a marketing strategy which illustrates how the content and present it clearly to the target audience thereby converting them into leads.

For effective content marketing, we need content strategy in place first.

How to create a content strategy

There are many content strategies for various purposes and we can implement content strategy for your business

1) Define the purpose of your content

Initially figure out what’s the purpose before beginning to write the content will accomplish for your efforts put across. There are amples reasons for you to create content for your business needs such as enhance the brand image, increase sales and generate inbound leads etc.

However, content differs from one platform to another, for the obvious reasons.

Its essential to understand your client’s challenges

Try understanding what are the bottlenecks that your clients face? What content that you have created best fits and serves the challenges they are facing. It’s a genuine opportunity to establish as a source of valuable information which keeps them visiting often come back frequently.

2) Define your frequency

Writing is an art and it requires rigorous innovative thinking. Figure out what efforts it takes you to come out with the content needed for your campaigns and promotions as a part of your content strategy to deliver the best of your potential.

3) Know will write, manage & maintain the content

If you are trying to do individual work, you have to be uniform in the work to deliver great content. You can take assistance from someone who can assist you to create content as per the needs of the business to help it grow.

Content Marketing Strategy

Once the content strategy has been set in place, you should now consider creating a content marketing strategy which is the fundamental element of inbound marketing strategy. You need to figure out how you shall make the best use of content to attract quality leads and convert them to potential customers. Your content marketing strategy is a blueprint of how you're going to use content to stand up to the marketing goals.

  1. Defining your content marketing goals
  2. Determine what could be  the goals of your content marketing efforts?
  3. To generate and drive more traffic to your website?
  4. Increase brand awareness and generate more sales etc
  5. It’s to be remembered that different purposes require different content.
  6. Understand the content requirements of the customer

A buyer is yet to take a path, and your content is unique for various platforms of inbound marketing strategy. Initially any buyer looks for some knowledge, and its where the blogs, websites and social media have their role to play. The buyer needs more clarity on the solutions, videos, webinars will be of immense help. The buyer is the ultimate decision maker, it would be of help if a free trial or demo will give him complete clarity for decision making.

Define your content type

Content is not mere words. It could in the forms of text, images, audio or a video etc. Different target audience require different content for definite purposes and your content has to be engaging for the user.

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