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 Components of a Good Newsletter

Components of a Good Newsletter

Are you planning to send Newsletter? If your looking as to how to get the best out of it or increase its effectiveness. This article throws light on the 5 key components of a good newsletter, which make sure your marketing objectives are achieved.

1) Provide value

The most fundamental component to write a newsletter is to identify your target audience, what’s the pulse of the audience, what’s important and what is not important to them and why\at they look into to subscribe. Provide them the best relevant content possible, stick to the point and be crisp. It’s a good strategy to categorize your subscribers for various audience based on the content requirements.

The content in your Newsletter provides useful ideas and handy tips, some coupons or discounts which subscribers will not be getting anywhere else. It’s important to have the call-to-action (CTA) in the last section of your Newsletter. To win more subscribers to divert to call to action, like adding phone number, asking them to fill up forms, or even sending a mail etc so that they can understand where to do.

2) Don’t underestimate good design

The design of your e-Newsletter is important and it should not be overlooked. Newsletter designed should be inline with the company’s upfront of the look and feel. It should be soothing and pleasing to the eye. Follow tips which makes the work look tidy.

Keep your newsletter look presentable, minimize the scattered look. Each element needs its space and maintain the white space to make it more readable.

Adjust the font to maximize visibility and readability. It should be clear and visible.

Add images or graphics where necessary. Images speak thousand words is very true, it conveys the message quickly and powerfully.

Maintain the uniformity and keep the image size, headings consistent.

3) Make it mobile responsive

People prefer to use smartphones , it’s convenient to check mails and the count is ticking each day. Google also states that around 56% of users prefer to open email via a smartphone. It’s easy to keep a track of how prefer to access emails from their smartphones using the email marketing techniques. Many companies make it a point to optimize their emails and design responsive websites.

4) Stick to the point

User like simplicity when it comes to language, so that it’s easy to understand and no ambiguity issues arise. Your meaning hits them straight. It’s important to know where to draw a line, that balance is important, hence provide the right proportion of information, getting too much into detail kind of bores the users and readers tend to stop reading. Also shallow information is also not correct, you have to speak and know where to stop. If the topic is vast, it’s better to use bullet points and give a summary for further reference. It’s a good practise to divide the newsletter into readable chunks, bulletpoints are more readable, use the right font size.

5) Pay attention to the subject line

Our inboxes are loaded with tons of emails daily, in the busy schedule reading a Newsletter isn’t a priority, we like to get rid of some mails and read a few. To get more subscribers, and let users read your newsletter, use subject line which draws attention.

The focus of the subject line is to make people aware of the content in the newsletter. Avoid unnecessary usage of exclamation marks and using capitals is very annoying for people to read and delete it or goes to the spam folder. Restrict the subject line to less than 50 words to stop it reaching the recipient’s inbox. Include subscribers list of names in the subject line to maximize chances of opening.

Listed below are some subject line ideas

Personalize the subject line

Including a date or deadline

Add humour

If the Newsletter contains all the components said above, you are bound to succeed. You can’t achieve success without knowing the newsletter best practices.

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