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 best way to get leads

Best way to get leads

Lead generation is a simple task provided done the right way. We indulge in talking to many people in your niche, and we interact by asking many questions to figure out what and who, like who is hiring, who is in lead, who is bagging more leads and what’s trending, what the hotcake etc.

Lead generation must be an everyday task to interact with every potential client and people. If you don’t get enough leads, in spite of the potential to handle it. It could be either any one of the three reasons.

1. It could be that you are not interacting enough with the clients and people.

2. You might not be hitting them with the right questions.

3. It could also be that your way of asking the right questions is not as it should be .

Most Recruiters Gather Leads in the Wrong Way

Conventionally many people acquire leads in the wrong way which is least effective. The paradigm approach is to use some tricky ways in the candidate’s interview. These old tricks have no room in today’s marketplace. Candidates are more shrewd and wise and playing tricks for generating leads will only hurt your credibility and rip away the trust factor.

Instead ask sensible questions like Which job interviews have you recently attended and you are no longer pursuing?

Get Good Leads the proper way

One should not forget ethics. Use the right techniques to acquire lead. Gather information from candidates by applying the law of reciprocity. Let them be comfortable and then you can ask help later. They will willingly tell you the information you want. Emphasize that you want to establish trust, credibility and looking for a long term relationship so that when they are hiring you get them back as a client. To get this you need to ask the right questions in a proper way. Ex: what’s your ideal location to work? To which companies you would like to send your CV? Etc.

Simple Strategies work the best

Sometimes t hitting with direct straight questions is the best way that works out. Ex “To whom did you report to in your previous role and which is the possible way to reach for a reference? Take the references provided and finally ask the employer. Like “suggest me a better way to establish a long term relationship with you and your company”?. Have a regular follow up with the candidates, even with the candidate who are not hired.

You need to replace with a new employee when a candidate leaves her position. After placement, casually ask them questions related to the job offers they accepted. The bottom line is that your today’s ideal candidates are your future clients.

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