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 best time to send newsletter

best time to send newsletter

Along with maintaining the perfect timing to send emails and Newsletters, it’s important to ensure that the message is properly formatted and the subject line must be relevant and optimized, so that the recipient has a fair chance to look at it.

It’s a common belief that most emails are viewed mostly in the daytime around 9 to 11 am. Since mobiles are connected to data, email accessing is easier and can be done at any hour depending on the convenience of the recipient.

General Advice

It’s still unclear for marketers who send newsletter and mails across companies to figure out the right time for successful delivery and open rate. The timing is a critical factor which the recipient must know when to send the email else it gets flushed in the pool of other junk mails.

Although studies have predicted that Tuesday and Thursdays are most favourable time for recipients to open the inbox and read mails, but  there is no evidence to prove it. The timing is of utmost paramount as we can never predict the best time as we are not sure when the recipient checks his or her inbox. Hence it’s important to target on the groups.

Studies assume around 23% of the marketers emails have greater chances to be opened in the first hour of sending the mail. While depending on the situation sometimes recipients might not open the mail for a day or two. Hence send important e-mails few days before. While it’s a general assumption that Monday is a big no no to send email campaigns and newsletters. Also weekends must also be avoided as people often avoid looking into serious stuff. Sending email campaigns in the mid of the week is a better idea as it has works out pretty well. Sending gentle email reminders in the mid of the week between 1-3 pm is an apt time. Studies have revealed that Tuesdays are better and has greater chances to send email campaigns. The open rate on Tuesdays is 5% less open rates and Wednesdays has below 5% click to open ratios.

Getting noticed in the rush

While the mid of the week is suitable to send email campaign and newsletters. Also time zone plays an important role. Hence its better to check their timing of the day before sending. If you don’t want your email to be lost in the tons of mails, try an alternate that works out best for you. Try sending on Monday or Friday, who knows if might get picked up.

Device plays Important Role

Recipients view emails across a wide range of devices. If you are sending emails in the mid of the week, then recipients checking mails on desktop find it ideal to access mail at work. Mobile users have instant access to mails and check late evening mails too. Mobile users often check messages in the nights and weekends too. Research reveals that around 54% users open emails on desktops and 22% open in mobile devices.While the mobile users is on the rise the figure is bound to change as mobile friendly emails are accessible now.

Know the Demographics

Understanding the pattern of statistics is an important attribute for successful email marketing. Your audience are important and hence its essential to study their habits and patterns.

If you're focusing on young techies, sending emails at anytime doesn’t really matter. Sending emails on Friday is a good option for users in the entertainment sector. The time zone is another element that cannot be ignored and send in the appropriate time based on where your recipient lives.

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