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 best cross platform mobile app development

best cross platform mobile app development

Let’s break the myth that one single mobile application cannot be operated over numerous podiums. The major trends at present obviously are iOS and Android which compete against each other for building new apps.

These mobile apps does not require different coding for each platform.Cross platform mobile development has made our life easier. They are designed in such a way that they are friendly for other operating systems to easily detect the framework with help of some changes in the code.

Fortunately we have some of the best cross platform mobile development tools, of late they are gaining more popularity and reduce the tedious process of development. These tools have enhanced reusability features, meaning if written once it can be executed across multiple platforms.

Thereby considerably decreasing the time for developing the application. By reusing the code, there is minimal scope for errors to creep in. Also its much easier and simpler to preserve and update the code thus achieving uniform design consistency across all platforms.

Let’s look at some of the tools which have the potential to accommodate various OS thus simplifying the process.


Sencha a tool uses HTML5 to achieve the objective of cross platform for various mobile devices. Its flexible & code can reused with minimal changes to meet the requirements of various Operating systems. Sencha is more a business app tool, which makes the developing process less tedious and has testing features too. The price listing can be checked. It supports 3 frameworks

Ext JavaScripting supports in creating HTML5 applications.

GXT compile Java and GWT (Google Web Toolkit) into HTML5 apps.

Sencha Touch which is a JavaScript framework .


It’s a prominent tool in the cross platform mobile application development. It is a tool which does coding using C# for building apps across multiple platforms like Mac, iOS and Android. It supports multiple plugins and supports API documentation which is a reference for the developers. Xamarin has gained immense popularity offering various versions of Visual Studio.

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