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Advertising for Small business

Advertising for Small business

Advertising for small business might be a daunting experience, besides the biggest challenges for small business advertising should fit within the budget. But advertising is a must to keep the business growing.

Not to worry! There are some advertising ideas which can boost your small business and maximize visibility.

1) Use integrated marketing

 There’s no definite roadmap to marketing, so it’s more of an experimental  trial and error to figure out the best marketing approach. If you use the same approach it might not always work out. Look for more interactive & interesting ways to reach out for potential customers such as social media, classifieds etc. We never know which one rings the bell. So it’s good to try in all possible directions in Digital Marketing.  

2) Offer something extra after a purchase

If your client has bought some product or service from you, take every opportunity to send him a mail or a note, so that they can they can avail it the next time. It’s important to mention the expiry date to act sooner.  

3) Use mail-outs

Get some professionals design your brochure, add details and start distributing it among newspapers, magazines etc or mails. It’s a good way to reach the potential client, or they can approach you when they need your services.

4) Send newsletters

Its wise to retain the existing customers, and make efforts to look for the new customers. Newsletters is a great idea for advertising for the existing customers. Also think of email newsletter sent to customers and subscribers of your website.

5) Get social

Aim to turn a one-off customer into a loyal repeat customer, by ensuring they remember you. To do this you need to give them gentle reminders of why they might need you, without bombarding them. Achieve this by using social media such as Facebook or Twitter (e.g. create a Facebook business page offering interesting content, discounts, offers, etc) and by using email marketing (e.g. ask customers to sign up to receive your e-newsletter).

6) Utilise free advertising

Make use of  classified ads &  internet ad directory, which has scope for free posting ads.  

7) Get blogging

A blog is a great platform for engaging the current clients and to invite new ones, make it a point to regularly update your site, so that it looks fresh and content seems relevant to spread the liveliness going. Ask for feedbacks and comments.

8) Update your website

Make your website looking interesting. Best attributes of website are simplicity, ease of navigation, awesome content.

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