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 advantages of social media marketing

Advantages of social media marketing

Social media marketing is a wise investment to enhance your brand identity, generate traffic with little to no cost. Market studies that around 90% of marketing concluded that it has a huge impact on the organization. This is one of the numerous benefits of Social media marketing.

SEM is an integral element of marketing strategy and its benefits are cost-effective. However minimal knowledge is necessary for choosing the right tips for effective business. Currently, 96% of the marketers are involved in using Social media marketing but are clueless in choosing the right tool.

“Lead people with what they want. – Lead with what they’ve already said. – Lead people from where they’re at. – Lead them with the things that concern them.” – Sandi Krakowski (@sandikrakowski)

Let’s look at the advantages of what Social media marketing can do to your business.

1) Promotes Brand Identity or Awareness

The process of interacting becomes exciting when we start interacting with our audience online. Encourage in getting feedbacks and reply to their responses.

2) You are bound to get more traffic

Traffic is crucial if you want to sell services and products. You should interact more with more customers and encourage them to visit your site. People instantly do it, and it helps you to achieve a good experience for better results in the long term.

Depending on your target reader, the results may vary in such sites. Suppose the blog post is a lot more close to professional readers and business, you could have high potential traffic on LinkedIn. If your target audience is more seeable it might make more possibilities to aim exclusively on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

3) You gain marketplace knowledge

Finding good marketplace insights is expensive. Yet with the assistance of few effective social media marketing services, you need not think about it again.

4) It's affordable

A must thing to note about social media marketing services is affordable. You need not spend a fortune to get the desired results. They provide the results which are worth the investment

5) Hit the right spot and right audience

Wide arrays of social networks are used by some people. Some make use of one or two social networks.

You can hit the target audience by posting on the right platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and others. There are certainly other strategies that we can strategize for achieving the desired results.

hit the right spot and right audience

6) Communication creates a strong bonding

The process of interacting becomes exciting when we start interacting with our audience online. Encourage in getting feedbacks and reply to their responses.

7) Happy Customers

People always want the best results. Social media marketing makes them feel special. It improves the level of customer interaction and helps to move to the next level it’s worth the investment for your business.

8) Initiate a conversation here and there around your brand

Generating conversation about your brand, products, and partners can be performed by the strong social media marketing strategy. For instance, if we take one easy post on PlayStation saying on event celebration and it's regarding details.

9) Learn from competitors

Get a look at what is and is n’t working for your competition by social media, thus making you decide what need or needn’t change in terms of your business’s approach. Finally, checking the social accounts of your competitors can be useful to ensure your marketing distinguishes itself and is one-of-a-kind to your brand.

It has been rising proportionally and reached a high point of popularity from 2004, which became a source for information and news. Kim Garst who is an online marketing guru notified that social commerce is heading off to bigger 2020 and the following years, which can be a great opportunity for business


Let’s get into some of the real-time statistics that make you believe even more strongly and make sure your social media marketing plan is long-lasting and positively influence your business.

Around the world, the usage of social media is ever-increasing. Emarsys research says that 3.5 billion people using worldwide, which means approximately around 45% of the existing population. That shows it’s one of the most popular online activities that users engage in.

Daily active social media users

On a day an average of 3 hours is spending by the people on social media, according to GlobalWebIndex's perspective. Nearly as much social media is incorporated into our lives.

Now brands are hyped up on social media marketing. In Buffer’s considerations, 73% of marketers think that their action has gone “very effective” for their business.

Maximize the results by increasing the number of followers, improve engagement and boost conversions following these suggestions:

  • i) Collect data from audience considerations to develop

  • ii) Offer exceptional customer service that makes your followers gratified

  • iii) Develop your brand as a subjective

  • iv) Boost your cause to be spread everywhere

  • v) Do follow the highly-regarded books such as written by Dave Karpen and Gary Vaynerchuk

  • vi) Measure social media metrics through Twitter analytics, Facebook analytics, and Instagram insights.

Final words

If it’s a small or large business, a social media marketing campaign can be challenging. So choose the best providers who have the needed aspects to lead a successful social media campaign.

As mentioned above from this information, various platforms can serve various purposes. You’ll have to identify which social media platform consists of your target audience which you want to hit the market. That could help construct your social media marketing plan.

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