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 advantages and disadvantages of customized software

advantages and disadvantages of customized software

Customized software is built specially for a definite purpose based on the needs. It’s flexible and can be altered according to the changing requirements, the changes reflect improvement in the execution process.

People using the customized software find it more user friendly and interesting to use it, as it doesn’t contain unnecessary elements. Besides it enhances the image of the organization for generating higher profits.

Customized software can easily be merged with the current system and can be combined with any system in the future according to the needs.

Using customized software, we only get the desired functions which are required while the rest can be discarded, making it easier to operate.

The key advantage of customized software is that it’s custom built, which means it’s specifically built according to the individual requirements. Using customized software you can achieve your tasks easily which your competitor cannot.

Disadvantages of customized software:

Custom software is dear and considered as a huge investment to begin with. It’s more expensive as its custom built, besides offering numerous advantages.

Building customized software is a time taking process, which needs many inputs to be taken from the organization to deliver the software.

Another disadvantage is that you need to completely get the picture of the workflow to deliver the right software.

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