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Why you should not go for low Cost Designs to build your Web presence
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Why you should not go for low Cost Designs to build your Web presence

For a startup at it’s launching, the availability of funds would be limited. Often startup founders tend to save their funds by finding economic ways to save their money, and the mistake they do is opting for low cost designs without thinking about the quality of service.

Here, we are not saying that we are against to low cost services, but i suggest that our main focus should be quality and productivity. We totally understand that it could be harder for you to go with some more expensive designs, at the starting phase. But you are wise enough to understand that your website ‘quality and user experience’ can’t be compromised just to save few bucks at initial stage.Which eventually effects your web presence which could not be repaired later.

Investing in a website goes way longer as our website represents our vision and services.

Let’s discover the hidden reasons which hints that, why we should not go for cheaper Web designs:

Web Hosting

“ What you sow, same you will reap. If you sow cheap quality seed you will get same quality of fruit. ”

It goes same with the hosting service, those who provide hosting services with low costs do practice of shared hosting. Here, your website is hosted on the server where there are existing multiple sites. That way they cut the cost of hosting and hence the product is low cost with shared hosting.

When they host your website on an overloaded server the loading time taken by your site would be more and it may prove to be an insecure practice. This will definitely reduce the traffic due to the excess time in loading.

So before going for such kind of service we should do proper research and take some time in finding out the affordable and best service.


Playing with Google terms is disastrous thing that you could ever do. Google handles the data of everything so, when you experiment with SEO it will go a long way. It could impact your website's search visibility adversely.Those who promise about cheaper SEO services the practices which they follow remains for short term, and they don’t care leaving you in the mid-way later. Google penalizes those who try to trespass google terms. Following proper methodologies in this case is helps you for your website’s life-span.

Compromising with Functionalities

When somebody offers you the web design and development at low cost than its market value, then thats a bait don’t fall for that. These kind of designs are less customized moreover they use same old templates which gives a bland look to the website hence lacking in originality. And the resources they invest in coding are the less experienced one so eventually the cost will be low. Because customization takes lot more efforts and time to work on.

We have handled those clients who are the victims of cheap website services and they turn up to us for redesign and developments. So, invest some more money for your ideal website rather than going for risky web services.

The patch work

When we invest less in the website the resolving solutions are temporary ones. It looks like a patch work on an existing piece of work, rather than the real finding of errors and correcting it. There won’t be much scope of correcting it according to upcoming future needs.

Security issues

With these low cost services, there is a risk of disfiguring your website to utilize the server on which your website is being hosted. And without your knowledge your website is getting compromised with the help of attack tool. It would cost you lot more to fix a damaged website.

Well, this article explores the scary truths about low cost services which are cheap in quality and risky as well. Do think twice before you invest for such services.

Drafted by our Inovian
Credit: Deepthi

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