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Responsive web design  Creating a cyber world to take your business online
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Responsive web design Creating a cyber world to take your business online

I t is a foregone conclusion that mobile traffic overtook the internet usage in desktop. Internet in mobile phones has that much generalized and so does the responsive web designs as well. It brings commendable benefits to the profitability of the business by alluring more users to the site, nevertheless of the devices the customers are using. 

Source: https :// www . youtube . com / watch ? v = SVPJcw5 - WNc

What do you gain by shifting to responsive?


There are handfuls of things to distinct responsive web design from the regular web design in terms of the appearance, result, compatibility and cost effectiveness. 

# 1 The super flexible user experience

F lexibility is the foremost noticeable thing with responsive website designs. No matter the user uses an iPhone, iPad, any kind of Android phones, and tablet with any size, laptop or desktop on any platform or browser. 


Source: http://downgraf.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/responsive-web-design-infographic11.webp

The ability to automatically fit into the screen size of the device gives the users more flexibility with the readability and usability. 

# 2 Enhanced sales and profitability 

W hen your website has a long reach, then there is an obvious improvement in the sales also. Responsive web design gives better ways to reach increased number of users through the user friendliness and easiness in the usability. 


Source: http://www.reachmarketing.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/responsive1.webp

If the websites are user friendly on their mobile phones as in their desktop or laptop, there is a chance of increased percentage of 67% to shop online. 

# 3 Improved online/ offline browsing 

S ince most of the smartphones and tablets are enabled with HTML5, they can enjoy the browsing capabilities even if they are offline. 


 Source: http://infographicplaza.com/how-to-design-responsively-responsive-website-in-2015/

Responsive web design makes sure that the users will get the same readability even if they do not have an internet connection with the help of interactive HTML5. 

# 4 Noticeable reduction in the bounce rate

I t is the normal human psychology that, they will stick to the place where they are more convenient, otherwise they will look for better places. Similarly, to the sites which take more than four seconds to get loaded, people would never want to revisit.


Source: http :// www . instantshift . com / 2013 / 09 / 02 / importance - of - effective - website - design - infographic /

It is observed that for the sites which take more than 8 seconds to load, the bounce rate is about 150%. Responsive web design assures quick site load and hence the bounce rate is very much less. 

# 5 Google and higher SEO results

G oogle suggests adopting responsive web designs especially in the mobile framework to get better SEO results.


Source: http://webvisable.com/orange-county-seo-company-website-design/web-design/

It brings better flexibility for the search engine to crawl over through this new trend in website designing. 

# 6 The seamless manageability

I t is one common complaint we hear that people are not comfortable browsing through their mobiles mainly because of the complexities in readability. Responsive web designs is the best solution to this.


Source: www.all-techglobal[dot]com/web-site-design-packages/

It comes with great manageability because; you don’t need to develop separately one website compatible with mobile phones and another with desktops. It is a onetime effort and all- time result. 

# 7 The advanced future proof

T housands of varieties of gadgets are available in the market and people prefer to browse through those rather than depending on the desktops. 


Source: http://infographicplaza.com/how-to-design-responsively-responsive-website-in-2015/

There are already developments going on to bring in the facilities to browse over the watches, TVs and even glasses. Responsive web design is the promise of compatibility with all of these upcoming devices as well.

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