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Responsive web design - An online space and an all-time base
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Responsive web design - An online space and an all-time base

It is quite simple as the name suggests- a responsive and receptive website that can constantly communicate your business with the users. A responsive web design gives it a wonderful way to entice users irrespective of the gadgets they are using and irrespective of the platform those gadgets are working on. 

But why should you entice them online?

Yes, it has a solid answer. Since people are tending to change in accordance with the global trends so easily, the mobile phone usage has increased so huge and hence the online shopping as well. So this is time to do like Romans and take your business to the next level by hosting it online. No matter whether your domain is of IT business, clothing sales or even the sales of kitchen gadgets, vegetables or groceries; an online space can bring you, as mentioned in the title, an all-time base. 


Source: business2community

It brings surprise to hear the fact that the number of internet usage in the mobile phone users has exceeded the total number of desktop users last year. And it is even more surprising to know that almost 70% of the mobile searches are more tend to transform into an online action maximum within an hour.


Source: business2community

So isn’t it good to turn responsive now?

Now, take a look on the benefits responsive web design brings to you.

As a business owner, you must need customers to enhance your business for sure. But think and tell whether you would like to take steps or lift to go to the tenth floor of a building when you are offered with both. The same happens with the consumers as well. Where they get more convenience, they will choose that over others.

Relating this to the responsive web design, it gives more convenience to the users in terms of the readability, appearance and of course the usability. Unlike the regular websites which makes it complex to browse through your mobile phone or tablet, responsive web designs provide a magical browsing experience for the users.

It is a foregone conclusion that SEO brings greater visibility to the business. Responsive web designs give their hands in this factor as well.  GOOGLE recommendation itself is enough to choose responsive over others. Responsive designs make it easier for Google to crawl over to bring the best results. 


Load time must have been another disturbance that the users felt while browsing through their mobile phones. Being responsive and responsible, this contemporary web design technique makes sure that they will get the page loaded so quickly. Studies cue that the faster the load time, the lower the bounce rates are. According to the observations, if the website gets loaded in less than one second, it brings almost 4.6% traffic growth, which is highly essential for the development of your business. If it takes more than four seconds to load, then that is going to create an adverse effect on your business as well.


Source: http://www.instantshift.com/2013/09/02/importance-of-effective-website-design-infographic/

Expense is the one that you must be thinking about now. In fact, responsive web designs suggest you the cost effective method to build website. Here you don’t need to spend some for the desktop compatible site and another for mobile compatible sites. It combines together and one website for all devices. What else you need to develop your business.

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