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Reminding the Reminder in CRM
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Reminding the Reminder in CRM

We always note down the important data in our scribble pad, on our calendars, mobile reminders, and there are many ways. If you are a salesperson you need to be too much particular about the dates for follow ups, meetings, or for making deals. One cannot totally depend on their memory power for such business things. There is a need of great help which can reduce the total stress of memorizing the important dates.

To reduce that space of time which is consumed in memorizing everything and to being productivity for that period of time, CRM came with reminder feature whose importance need to be educated. There should be awareness among the business domain about the strength of dynamic technology that is Customer Relationship Management.

Taking a big decision to change the total software to handle the work process among all departments with an integrated ERP CRM is good step towards leveraging your company standards. Hence, securing the company’s future in upcoming years in terms of productivity, time management, and accessibility.

But after step is proper training to your staff and for yourself also, needed to get fully braced about accessing the new software. It will help you in utilising every inch of goodness of the software.

Customer Relationship Management is a powerful part of ERP. It got successful in meeting the needs of every department of a industry. Still there are some features that need to be utilised and people are missing out important things among technologies.

Though people are accepting new technologies to get their work done in the day to day life, but somewhere they are lagging in utilizing available resources in a proper way.

" Have you listened to all the ringtones of your mobile phone which are provided by the company? If you have done it, then that would be probably you did while sitting idle and thinking that you have no work to do so at that time you just checked out all the ringtones available in your mobile.

And later you might have discovered that one or two ringtones are too good to set it as a ringtone and then you might have given a thought to it as keeping that as your device ringtone. "

Why that happened? Well, that is lack of awareness about the things around us.

It is similar with the reminders. People can see that the creature like “reminder” is existing in their CRM system still they don’t feel like using it. May be because of lack of attention to know how it works.

Let us discuss about reminders, an explanation which will help you to minimize time constraints:

There are two types of reminders:

One is when you want a reminder on a due date

  • The time you need to take a follow up: You have a scheduled date of taking a follow up with the client and thereby it will help you in reminding that.
  • Have to start for a meeting: Important meeting on that particular date.
  • Time to make a call to hot lead: you got some leads which are hot and have to call them but the time is not perfect for such call. Like, they might be odd hours to make a client call so set a reminder for proper hour of call and then call him.

These kind of reminders are reminded at a time of activity to be fulfilled.

Another reminder is of few date before the due date. If you want a reminder before the mentioned time then you can mention that in a workflow:

  • Suppose you need to do any documentation part and you want reminder before the date then that could be helpful in preparing documents before time. For this you have to create a workflow  It could be created under wait condition. You need to have idea about, how the workflows can be created later that can send you a reminder. The workflow will check that the status is still open then it will send the reminder.

It depends on nature of your work, how you want to use your reminder. This part of the technology is mostly ignored yet it is a powerful part which bridges the gap of needfulness of a salesperson or any other employee of a industry.

" Half knowledge is always dangerous. Get full information and then start working. "

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