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Know Why Google bans websites and the top reasons for that!!
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Know Why Google bans websites and the top reasons for that!!

R iddle me this, Riddle me that, Know Why Google bans websites and the top reasons for that!!

Search engine optimization is a continuous task, where one spends lot of time and effort in indexing, web directories, self promotion with blogs, keep lively content etc. After a hectic series of tasks, one does to want to get banned by search engines like Google to show up in the search results. There have been many reasons Google indulge in restricting certain website. The top few of them have been discussed below:

1. Copied content, nay.. Go for original data always

B efore concluding the reasons to get de-indexed form Google, its inevitable to note the basic part of SEO lies in originality. Many of the newbie’s believe that being live and get most of the attention is the key to the successful SEO. Hence they tend to copy blog /posts from other websites, blogs and paste to get response from the target audience. As said earlier, the content should be original and hence the copied act is treated an offense. Google has got brilliant algorithms to differentiate the copied ones and report and act on it accordingly. This may lead a website or blog to get sacked from Google search results.

2. Traffic Exchange?? Think Again

M any of the scripts that actually are a spam supposedly do the task for you and get the traffic for your website. Never go for free traffic; it will end up in the ban of website from Google. The traffic exchange techniques seem too good to be true, posing that the information would never be shared. In reality, it does. By the time you understand that this option is not for you, the destruction would have been done. So think twice on the process you are taking to get traffic to your website

3. Spamming of Keywords does not take you much longer:

T he basic aspect of the SEO is to use the keywords or phrases in the same format, irrespective of the relevance. The web masters repeat the keywords in the same order which stuffs the content with just keywords woven with some other conjunctions. When Google finds too many keywords as such, it tends to replace it with the filters, making your site lank lower. Spamming or stuffing of keywords proves to be hazardous for the website health.

4. Thinking of cloaking? Sure shot idea to get blocked by Google

C loaking refers to the process of web design which can be viewed as one thing to the search engines and the complete different to the others. It’s a kind of trick with a simple programming to get indexed and viewed in the search results. Needless to say, Google finds it easily and hush!! You are out of sight …..And very soon out of mind of your audience too

5. Back links or Bad links, know the difference

K now which the good links are and which are not. In the process of getting more back links, do not go overboard to link malicious sites, spam which result in effecting spam or spyware to the users. The linking of certain sites related to hacking, adultery and porn are considered bad ones. Indulging in the linking bad links can easily throw you out of Google search result in no time.

6. Machine generated Content?     Time to Bid Goodbye to your website

W eb masters indulge in using robots to write or script the content. This will pick the existing content, make changes here and there and posted as the unique one. This act certainly leads to the banning of the website.

7. Viruses

G oogle do not entertain on the spread of viruses, spam and spyware over the site. As much as its necessary to keep the content and the links safe, it is also mandatory to check periodically if the content and links are being safe for the target users. Directly or unknowingly, the spread f virus and spam over the sites is strictly an act of disobedience on the Google rules and the website is straightly crossed from indexing

8.    Irrelevant keywords to the content?

I t is mandatory that the keywords should be chosen in accordance od the content in the website, Adding the keywords just for the sake of it is against the Google rules. This is will either reduce the ranking of your page or end up banning your website by Google

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