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Killer Keywords for a Wiry website by Inovies
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Killer Keywords for a Wiry website by Inovies

K eyword research has gain a momentum as never before. The generation of keywords for a wiry (strong) website is a daunting task if one does not involve in a bit of research before persuading it.

All you want to end up is getting traffic to your website. Hence the effort in the research goes in finding and selecting the appropriate keywords for the website and how to improve the efficiency of it. Thank s to the key word search tools available in the market, making your job easy in the pursuit of keyword opportunities. The keyword search tools even come up free for the beginners to escapade in SEO.

Having the word “Escapade”, does not imply SEO to be too adventurous. It is just applying the right process at the right moment. Selecting the right and appropriate keyword is an integral part of this process.

The general criteria employed to pick keywords is to choose the ones which have got less competition and could appear in more searches. It is perceived that the keywords with no or less competition yields good rank .The fine number of monthly average search on a keyword fetches the fair web traffic to the website.

This criterion has a downside to it. Many a times, it has been viewed that the less competitive keywords have experienced less searches in the search engines. Also , the ones getting higher search average per month experienced difficulty in ranking them. Hence employing and searching for the killer keyword has been an essential part of the SEO

It is apparent that the search engines are based on the content. Employing keywords should be in view with the following aspects.

  • 1. The chosen Keywords should be in line with the website. Making relevant to the website it is choosing for. It is inevitable that the search engines tend to discard from the search results when the content is irrelevant to the website or a chosen keyword.
  • 2. Apparently competitive keywords have less probability to list and rank in top.
  • 3. The keywords which do not contribute to the monthly average search does not generate traffic to the website and hence a wasted effort.

The process of choosing the “killer” keywords to generate viable traffic to the website need to have the following things followed. Check it out…

1.    The on page optimization is a buzz lately, though not much helpful in the current times, the impact could just not be disregarded. The process of strategically placing the keywords in the code of a certain page is termed to be the on- page optimization. There have been many changes creeping in the selection of search engines on the Meta tag, ranking and alike.

2.    Meta Tag is the one where the description is made visible by the search engines. This is the first glance of description the user views while searching for a certain thing. With the Meta tag description, he decides to open and check on the website or not. This can be opted out. The search engines draw the snippet of the data from the content in the website. Hence the website content should be more crisp and relevant to the keyword.

3.    The prominent aspect is now to have the content. It is equally important to have the content right and presented it right. The current SEO tricks the users with keywords in the areas irrelevant, making the user uncomfortable reading and understanding the context. The content should be written for the users you are targeting, not the search engines. The tags, headers, paragraphs, everything is to be aptly proportionate that your user could connect to you and your services.

4.    Once the content is ready, the next important step where many go wrong is the “indexing”. Having launched a website and sit back will not help. One has to carefully list the website to as many of the search engines as possible to get visibility by the world. The more number of indexes with the search engines, the better possible rank it may cater to. Some of the search engines need you to set up keywords and the descriptions while Google follows its own process where it picks the keywords from the content of your site. Hence checking and updating the website for the relevancy is of utmost importance.

5.    Next is the socializing in the social media. Depending on the popularity, the page rank impacts and the consistent keyword usage and the content.

Socializing with blogs is another great way to generate back links and the consecutive traffic to the website. The usage of killer keywords for the name of the blog, content, hash tags and the heading decides the page rank of your website with the generated traffic.

The formation and usage of a killer keyword is prominent in any of the SEO techniques, take yellow page indexing, or the page views. The consistency of the keyword usage and the placement of it yield best possible results in the pursuit of successful Search engine optimization…

To use the right anchor text when you’re doing an internal linking or link building strategy will have a great effects on your rankings and organic traffic. That kind of tool is Linkio which will give you the perfect anchor text percentage and usage to get over your competitors very quickly and gain quality organic traffic to your website.

Keep your users close with those Killer Keywords… Cheers.

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