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A kaleidoscopic view of some of the smartest ideas to launch your startup in 2020

With the upsurge of business ideas, it can be quite difficult to select one worth pursuing. Everyone wants to create something that’s profitable and also good for the long-term. Divide your objectives into two categories, low investment and high investment ideas.

  • It will take its soaring popularity from 2019 into a new year.
  • It has shown how it’s a low-investment and long-term business to start.
  • The catch about blackheads is that they are a recurring thing. You can continue selling your products and expand your business into skin care verticals.
  • Back massager is surely another option. Those having sedentary jobs or lifestyle surely know back pain. It’s a huge market.
  • Everyone is looking for remedy or relief here, and you can sell back massagers.
  • Not every person can afford to hire a professional physiotherapist to minimize their pain, but back massagers can certainly alleviate their problems.
  • What about a photo printer? While they may seem old, you can use the nostalgia quotient to reinvent photo printing.
  • Voice translator is another lucrative option. Business ideas thriving on translation will be a massive market to tap into.
  • If you’re a business owner, catering to an international audience in proper text in multiple languages will give you more traffic.

Another threshold 

Generating leads for small businesses can be a great option. Pick a niche, build it and rank it, send free leads, close a deal, sculpt more properties, and if you prosper, scale higher and hire a team.

  • Grasping the concept is important before you try mastering your skills. There are zero money problems here. Both small businesses and the internet are here to stay.
  • From 2020-2030, online marketing, especially traffic generation from Google is bound to become the single most crucial stuff for small business folks.
  • How about space tourism? An UBS study estimates that by 2029, space travel could well cross $20 billion while the industry of space tourism may pull nearly $3billion or more.
  • Helicopter and boat tourism are another area. Everyone wants to explore a new vacation area by sightseeing the spot on a helicopter.
  • You can do that by taking a picturesque boat ride. Not only will you expand the local offerings and delights tourists have access to, but you can also provide a unique experience that creates lasting memories.
  • The high costs are upfront. They revolve around the helicopter or boat purchase. You must also factor in the staff hiring if you don’t obtain a license to operate a helicopter or boat.

Into online businesses

It has to start with building your own blog. Thousands of bloggers are getting rich by writing about their expertise or passion. Try connecting with a niche audience through your content. You can make loads of money with your humble blogging career.

  • Statistics say that 73% of bloggers earning more than $50,000 annually only focus on their material on the basis of a particular group’s interest.
  • startup buliding in 2020
  • To get started, give a relevant domain name to your blog.
  • You need to use proper SEO tools and know about the means to generate traffic to your website.
  • Sites like Blastup give you followers and likes.
  • You can also start online coaching and courses. It has become easier and simpler to share your expertise or knowledge via online platforms.
  • If you’re passionate about or are an expert on a subject matter, you can convert it into a significant income source.
  • Drop shipping is a fantastic idea as well. If you’ve the bandwidth to procure high-demand products at lower rates, you can start a profitable dropshipping business.
  • You will resell the same products at third-party websites. It’s a concept wherein sellers procure items in bulk from licensed suppliers and then sell them to end-users.

Business to business services

Just like numerous other professions, bookkeeping has also gone online. For accountants and bookkeepers feeling caged in their office cubicle, and yearning for personal freedom and the room to work during their convenient hours, this is a great option.

  • With simple appointment setting and accounting software tools available, you can easily set and manage different client accounts.
  • Business broker can be a great startup idea. You can help buyers and sellers of private incorporations in the transaction process.
  • You need to possess good knowledge of corporate law and must be aware about common trade practices in the industry.
  • Healthcare business can give you great returns. As a startup, focus on medical courier service. It’s low-cost and an attractive option for responsible, organized folks, who have a reliable conveyance.
  • Medical couriers deliver lab specimens, medical equipment, documents, prescription drugs or even blood and organs.
  • Mobile medical app developer is another worthwhile business. App developers with links to the healthcare industry and sound knowledge of machine learning and AI can enter this business.
  • The apps use tracking, monitoring, and rewards to bolster user health.
  • You can also start acupuncture business, work as a specialist in mobile hearing aids, and provide respite care/relief for baby boomers.
  • It’s a non-medical work providing temporary relief and assistance to adult nurses or caregivers.
  • For food services or hospitality businesses, you can become a hostel owner. With Airbnb services, anyone can turn their garage, house, or just one room into a wonderful accommodation for travelers and tourists from all around the globe.
  • Organic café and organic food catering are two businesses high in demand. People are now looking for organic food on their plates and you can capitalize on the growing market.

Augmented and virtual reality

Both AR and VR represent a massive leap towards absorbing the user in an emphatically realistic and sensory experience.

  • Software and hardware vendors are working tirelessly to create new VR products and launch more tools in the marketplace.
  • The industry is having an upsurge and its global market is poised to expand by 35% by 2025.

Its potential uses are in 3d movies, real estate marketing, gaming, team-building exercises, VR-social media interaction, and training and meditation. With the market for yoga expanding each day, VR is perfect for customized and personalized meditation.

by Walter Moore

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