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Investment figure in digital marketing for startups
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Investment figure in digital marketing for startups

Do you want to know the investment figure in digital marketing for startups?

Right digital marketing budget planning brings success

Restate the problem or solution, which will be defined in by showing in a way that we understand the problem and help you to solve it

“How much is the marketing investment for businesses in the digital platforms” – It has no out-and-out answer. But if you have a strategy on how to spend and what you want to achieve, might be an optimal solution.

Below is the quick reference that helps you to think out of the box and overcome those challenges.

Top marketing challenges

Data-driven headlines

The relevant real data driven facts from media publications will be mentioned in bullet points

There will be overwhelming newcomers every time since people’s pursuit of interested content sharing and viral videos are seemly growing.

Yet, now it’s an era of pull marketing not push marketing, thus many young companies are encountering problems in growing and marketing their businesses.

Take a look on one of the big four accounting organizations, PGM announced that

By 2020 reporting year, digital media will continue to be around 12 per cent of the overall ad share and is intended to grow up to 24 per cent.

By BrightLocal’s insightful piece of research on attitude toward and usage of SMBs Digital Marketing, the key findings obtained that:

  • On an average-out SMB spends $400/ month
  • The average SMBs spent can be 46 per cent of their marketing budget on digital marketing.
  • Mobile marketing is 78 % important channel for their business in SMBs perspective

By means that around 40-50 % investment can be a good ballpark to build your business marketing sphere.

Marketing budget

Marketing statistics figure

Accurate data

Data driven outlines that are stated by the author

Digital advertising statistics of each channel

All over the world, mobile data traffic is expected to increase by 700% between 2016 and 2021. This exceptional growth will be consistently spread across the world stated by Cisco’s Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast. According to expectation, a little in more than half of this will be carried out by video content.

social media and search spending trends in 2020
Google Ads:

By the second quarter of 2019, Google and revenue growth has constantly increased, as a whole; the Google parent company reported $38.9 billion, a raise 19% from year to year.

advertising revenue in billion U.S dollars Pay per click (PPC):

Although CPCs (cost-per-click) on Google was off by 11% from the previous year, click figure number of Google acquisitions had increased 28% year-by-year basis found in the overall analysis of PPC.

More than organic visitors, there are 50% more chances likely to purchase by PPC visitors announced by Unbounce.

Motivation behind adblock usage Facebook

Like Google ads, the ad revenue of Facebook increased by 28% year over year, in other terms $16.6 billion, which is three times what the company needs to pay, incorporated its settlement with FTC over privacy violations.

Strongest ad growth 30% is found at on a regional basis (North American and Asia-Pacific) reported by Facebook’s CFO “David Wehner”.

revenue in billion U.S dollars Email marketing

Email generates $38 for each $1 spent, that’s an incredible 3,800% ROI. “The marketers who used segmented campaigns noted as much as 760% of high raise in revenue” as per the research of Campaign Monitor, 2019.

Influencer Marketing

Relying on the Mediakix data, Business Insider Intelligence, you can estimate that the influencer marketing industry will make good progress which to be worth up to $15 billion by 2022, up from as much as $8 billion in 2019.

Content Marketing

Editors Choice (Marketeers) is saying that 7.8% of web traffic has generated by content marketing leaders more than followers. “Content creation and initiatives in 2020 are increased over 50 per cent of business”

Voice Search marketing

As OC & C mentioned by 2022, which is a strategy consultant, the Voice is predicted to be $40 billion channels. Know the keywords that are most finding out more than 20 % in voice search queries.

Video Marketing

Cisco has observed that by 2020, approximately 1 million videos crossed the internet speed and also the fact that 89% of video marketers are saying that video gives them best ROI and helps for massive lead generation.


“The purchase cycle in the shape of defined process from here on no longer continues” in terms of marketing reality has been proved by all these researches.

Check out the statistics to market your startup efficiently on a small budget. So once you identify your sales figures someplace that maximizes your specific market niche. Thereby possibilities out there to gush more resources be at the high point performers from your earliest experiments.

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