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How to make use of social media to market your blog posts
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How to make use of social media to market your blog posts

Do you want your post to be the trending article in social media?

Promoting blog posts through social media helps to add more traffic potential to your blog.
In this article, you will come across successful strategies ofcross-promoting blog posts on various social media platforms.

Grab the focus of the target reader to your blog posts through cross-promotion in social media.

What is Social Media Cross Promotion?

Broadcasting same message in various social networksmay not tailor more shares for your blog post.So, one should go with the perception of cross promotion which means posting same message in various platforms with various options that take hold of the new readers and enhances the number of existing followers.

The crowd-pleasing social media sites that are mostly in contact with the readers are

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter


How to lineup the posts in Facebook

Here comes the scenario of why, when and how to promote Facebook posts.

#1: Why to schedule Facebook posts?
Scheduling of Facebook posts endorses blog post on your profile and pages, and in groups. It breaks the barricade that you are with content scheduling and create social media environment to be hassle-free.One can wipe out the chances of publishing posts at the correct time.

#2:  When to schedule Facebook posts?
The most preferable timings for posting posts on Facebook are 1 to 4 PM, 6 to 10 PM, and mostly on weekends.

#3  How to schedule Facebook posts?
One can promote Facebook posts within the range of 10,000 characters, but only first 480 characters are visible in the timeline. So, to double the traffic to our post the essence of the message should be kept in the first 480 characters.

Posts with short and sweet messages are more captivated than longer posts. The never getting way of posting a message is through images and links. Renewing the post for every 2-3 months keeps a good track of our valuable content.

Linking our post in LinkedIn

It’s a bit cumbersome to post our blog in LinkedIn, but it is the best way to share our content that gets more of the readers to go through it.
Some of the basic tactics for lining up the LinkedIn posts are:

  • Make sure of link titles to be less than 70 characters
  • Getting enormous rush to our post is to link with images and videos where it excites the reader to be for some time in looking our post.
  • Posting in the morning and as early in the evening by (8-10 AM or 4-6 PM) are the best times.
  • Sharing through SlideShares makes you to engage with the professional users.
  • Our content should be around 600 characters. Words beyond the first 150 or so characters will be curtailed and readers will need to click See More to view the entire post.


Posting our ideas in Pinterest

Are you still in the thought that Facebook and LinkedIn are the winding up tools in social media marketing? It’s not

It’s our new media buddy- “Pinterest” that spreads our post more promptly and fastly.
Getting more applause to our pins is through images that best conveys what our pin is about. It gives the reader to convey their pin in 500 characters. Receiving more clicks to our post is through linking a link to our pin descriptions.

Posting the pins at the time of 12 to 2 PM and 7 to 10 PM and in weekends works good.
A pin can be alive for a week while it was only 24 minutes for a tweet and 90 minutes for FB post.


Tweeting our thoughts in Twitter

Drawing more attention to our tweet is to include hashtags and @handles. Giving more space to images the platform limited the description size to 140 characters. Although Twitter is extending the limit of 140-character, it remains at its principal as asmall message service.

With the inclusion of more images and links, our tweet can be more easily creeped into the audience.
Obtaining more retweets is done by adding call to action. For example, ask for retweets, any queries, or make users to proceed with you.

The best times to post on Twitter are 8 to 10 AM, 11 AM to 1 PM, and in the evening times i.e. between 4 - 7 PM.

Without cross promotion, one can miss the chance of getting more applauds and management. Tailoring our posts in various sites can enhance more results for our site.

Just spending a little bit of time for the tweet, link or a post can increase blog traffic in a huge way.

“ Social media is here. It’s not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: in social media. ” Lori Ruff


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