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Guess the new formula for user engagement to a website?
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Guess the new formula for user engagement to a website?

Y es, It’s Typography!!  A sheer innovative art of arranging text in logical and creative order to enhance readability.

Well, the gearing fact about website design and creativity is that the users and the target audience just want the familiar information in the familiar sections. They just do not want to spend time to check for the newly positioned elements which they generally find elsewhere. Hence the web designers are in constant pursuit to make the design appealing with their creativity and effort restricting in the limits of the target user’s expectations. Hence the proven ways of success are often overlooked and not been tried more often.

Typography is one such beautiful portrayal of website images that caters to beauty, innovation, grace and modern feel as well. Also it is unsaid that the typography could enhance the user engagement to a website without having them visit the inner pages or clicks to certain page. Needless to mention, the more the user gets engaged to a website, the more viable the website seem to be .

As the above typography mentions, please stay away from generalizing things. It just makes the things worse. Typography is more related to an art, a perception for better user experience to make him attached to your website. It is more than just a mixture of pretty fonts and colors. 

So what do you think typography really means? Making website design pretty? Well not really. Surprised?

The realm of typography and the responsibility is to enhance the readability rather than pretty. Why typography might be the next best formula for the user engagement? Its because most of the website includes content and the web designers job is to make the content more readable and insightful, apparently with the pretty presentation. That’s what typography is!!

As they say “Content is king”, I say content is king when its ordered and presented well with the highest possible user engagement to a website and keep them rolling back to you.  It’s apparent that the content and the presentation go hand in hand in determining the effectiveness of the user engagement, the more they coagulate together, the better engagement in inevitable to the website.

The following are the best possible things typography does to your website for effective user engagement

1) Portray a visual outline  of your website

Y es, as soon as the target user enters your website, the typography helps him get the overview of your website. With the right blend of fonts and the presentation, typography helps user to cling on your website for the information he is looking for. Once he finds interest in your website and the ambience, there should be no looking back to other similar sites.

2) Typography enhances the brand value

W e all have been choosy in trends and brands. For instance, brands could never have been so familiar and door to door without typography.

Typography gives the feel of pervasive and belonging to a brand once the association is formed.

Its undeniable that today’s brands are more recognized with their logos, another typographic notion.

3) Typography helps in making the content look good

I t could not be concluded that the typography goes to an extent to turn the bad content to a really beautiful one: NO: Typography helps in presenting the content good and attractive that the least interested human tends to read and dig into it. It should be assures however that the content been writer is flair, up to the mark and strike a chord in the reader’s mind. If it does, then the user engagement to the website is reassured.

4) Direct your readers to the most interesting parts of your website

W ell, it’s theoretically and practically not possible for the user to get engaged to every nook and corner of your page. There is a certain good and interesting element in your website, which you want your reader to go through for the better user engagement. Typography helps you achieve just that. With the right presentation in place with typography, you can land your user to the best possible corner of your website and direct him to the interesting ones which he finds interest in.

This will ensure both the effective user experience and the user engagement to the website.

As a closing point, I would lend some great words from a great author “Type is a beautiful group of letters, not a group of beautiful letters” How true is that!!

As a web designer, if you think that the Typography is just fonts and colors and making beautiful content, remember there is something not right on what you have learnt and what you have not!! Think again!!

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