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Energy Boosters of your Website are Exposed
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Energy Boosters of your Website are Exposed

1. Pressing Needs of SEO Audit:


Source: bluepointseo

Why SEO Audit?

  • Identify your competitors and apply strategies to grow bigger than them
  • Execute high stake moves to divert large volumes of targeted traffic
  • Improves your leads, conversations and sales
  • Perform online survey on your web pages whether they are crawled & indexed by the search engines or not
  • Applying best SEO practices elevates your website rank in search engine usability
  • Painful points of your website’s online visibility reducing issues are revealed

2. Significance of Content Audit to Your Site:

Effective Communication remains as the radical deal winner in the enterprise market

Many designers centrally focus on on-page optimization , analytics, indexing & accessibility, site architecture, site speed, internal linking and technical issues.

When I saw the great efforts of some middle term experienced web designers, they mainly focus on functionality and art of design. They regret later and some are not even recognize the worth of effective content production.

Those professionals who fall into the category of ‘content neglect zones’, for them content audit results gives them horror nightmare experiences.

SEO Audit Check List


Source: modgirlmarketing

Content Audit is the statistical analysis that provides the report on your content trafficking efforts. It contributes to deliver 3 issues, they are

Why Content Audit?

  • Check Content is diverting right kind traffic
  • Right kind keywords are produced in content
  • Content is improving conversions in web market

Poor Content is the deal Broker:

Poor quality of content production makes your website as a crappy thing. Performing a small audit provides the pros and cons of your web content production. So you can improve your traffic to bring lucrative business deals. Here is a link to enhance your knowledge on – How come Content Audit became as the demanding need in the e-market.


Poor Content is kicked off by Google, only Qualified Content is targeted by it.

Ineffectual content production

doesn’t convey the exact meaning. The following are the illustrations.


Differentiate Conveying and Effectively Communicating

Simple Convey of Information:

This website is rewarded as the - Google’s best web design in the current year

Effective Communication:

The hard toil of the skilled professionals has been identified and greatly rewarded by the world’s number1- Google Company for this current fiscal year.

 3. Essential Content Checklist for Healthy Website:

  • Title: Catchy title that includes keywords in the content
  • Content Length Limit: Needs to produce 400+ words
  • Targeted Content: Contents should target your websites keywords
  • Keyword Density: Density of the keywords should fall n 1.5% to 2%
  • User Friendliness: Texts should be reader friendly and easy understandable
  • Duplicate Contents: Your site should produce only unique contents
  • Internal Linking: Give numerous related back links to get connected to your Site
  • External Linking: Your outbound links to be pointed to the applicable websites

The implementation of the above checklist in your site diverts the relevant visits and revisits to your website. The health status of the website can be evaluated by its SEO rank and content is the tool to rule over.

Let your Audiences kiss your website like rain drops to the sea



Who said content is the king when lion’s share of woman allures audiences with their magnetic conversations.

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