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Creative web design - creating pixels with a purpose
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Creative web design - creating pixels with a purpose


know it brings so much of colors and patterns to your mind when you think of a good web design. But is it just the appearance that the web design has to consider? Rather than just a medium to display the contents and features of a company/ business, websites and web designs have changed a lot. A well designed website is so imperative for you in this competitive world, if you run a business. For that, it is similarly essential to design it well-structured and with maximum usability and functionality. Websites work as a wonderful medium for the marketing needs and also as a platform to sell your products. Unlike any employee in your company, website gives the guarantee of a 24/ 7 promotion to your business.

Source: designinstruct.com, 2015

But the only thing is that, the site must be designed in such a way to entice the targeted customers. There comes the relevance of web designing, or rather- creative web designing. The one who can create a Wow!! Factor in the mind of a customer wins the race. But does it come so easily? Obviously, ‘No’. It is little tough to beat them all and to take your business to the top, unless there is a planned strategy for the enhancement of the website design, which is the key tool for branding and marketing of the products.

For a website with wonderful elements on the content, appearance and information, there is always a great scope for a quick and healthy business promotion, because everything has turned digital now. Web Design is the digitalized solution for the digital world of marketing and business. 

From the enormous methods for better branding and promotion through web site design, Google has refined some methods and demonstrated to the learners through a 46 minute video which gives excellent input to the starters.


The most user- friendly is the design, the better result you can expect. Apart from the funky appearance and colors of a website, usability is another important factor that the end user will be looking for.

Source: hashmeta

The ease of navigation, highlighting of the content and sitemaps are some of the major modules to be considered in usability. Next comes the readability. A dark colored text on a light color background has always identified as the best preference to read. Facebook is not a stranger to the people over there and it has become a part of our life. You might be wondering why this Facebook all of a sudden while we discuss about web designing. Yes. It does have an impact on the interface of the web design. 

source : 4imptint

As majority of the people are familiar with the Facebook Interface on their mobiles- Vertical page navigation on left, content in the middle and user navigation on the right, web design can make it more interactive through the same pattern.

source : splio

Resolution is also another important factor that defines web design. But the entry of responsive web designs, has brought new results through the intelligent adaptation with all variety of screen resolutions. In essence, a pleasing website developed with all these factors in each of the pillars, can bring seamless success to the business.  

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