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Attention These design errors might earn you a title bad website design
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Attention These design errors might earn you a title bad website design

It is not a website just to let them know about the product or service that you need to build. It must be the best medium for constant interaction with your customers through which you can create and cherish a relationship with them for a longer time. So, expect the best result if you are building it with passion and be ready to accept the worst result if you are building it just for the sake of that. It is an all-time base for your business that must reflect the qualities of your business.

Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

― Paul Cookson

The more user- friendly you can make it, the more people would love to visit it, browse over and to shop as well. After all, that is what we all want to develop a business and service. It is worthy to have a look on the common mistakes/ carelessness that can make a website not so user friendly.


Source: webdesignledger,

Would you expect a search box?

Are you getting enough time to spend with the system after fighting with the long- long stressed hours of working at office and home? Probably, NO. In such cases when you are hardly finding time to spend with your online shopping or online research over some articles or with whatever activities, do you think a ‘search bar’ on the website can save your time and get rid of the frustrations?


Source: Dribble,

Of course, it can. With no search bar, your browse is going to be tough to move on for you and your customers. So bring in dvanced search boxes which people would love to see.

You want it neat or cluttered?

It’s quite simple the answer is. Although there are some people who are lazy to stack their things in order, even they would love to see it when their things are arranged properly on the desk. Just have a look and tell, which one would you love to look at from the below images- A or B?


The presentation has a crucial role in enticing the customers. Though the content is stronger, a cluttered presentation cannot help you in satisfying the visitors

How about navigation?

Navigation also has equal importance as the other factors mentioned here. What, a user look for on a website is the usability and content. So make it simple and let them quickly find what they are looking for.

Would music help you in promotion?

Music- of course gives relaxation, but what is the scope for music on a website that discusses about trades or sales! It is good to focus on the content and design of the website rather than adding music bits on the background. What if the music playing is not of the user’s choice? They would soon jump to another website. The best way is to keep it simple and strong.

Look on the pretty screen resolution

Yes, it matters. People have changed and their gadgets as well. They need flexible websites which they can browse on through any devices at any time. The websites which are not responsive to the changing size and resolution of their mobile phones/ tabs/ laptops are least considered by them.

Why to take a risk?




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