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A road map for designing great user on boarding
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A road map for designing great user on boarding

Well, we have built an amazing digital product may be it is a web application, customer-delighted app or an digital enterprise software application. One day we have launched the app by investing a lot of time and money. You made the app to be highlighted among users by means of advertising, marketing, and many referral programs.

" People are downloading your application, but not getting back to that after their first visit. And only a petty few users are engaging with the functions and appearance of the application. "

But where’s the major hit!

Maybe the user onboard experience that drags back your application or poor designed interface.

Let’s start your search on what ‘user onboarding experience’ means and how this experience serves the requirements of users.

Get the idea of ONBOARDING

In the general outline, onboarding is a procedure that is developed into software which enhances the chance of user’s getting involved into that software. It is totally programmed and helps users when they are in the line to start a product, and also experienced users can also onboard when latest features are introduced.

In order to gain the second visit of a user, onboarding takes many forms such as slides on the main functionalities of the product, videos, content illustrations, references and many. Choose the one solution that holds more attention to target audience and suits well with the app functionality.

A perfect onboarding creates the way for users to be more engaged and happy.

What goes well with the best onboarding?

The best way to start the design of good onboarding is to follow what the leading sites are doing. The similar onboarding process does not suit well for all the users across the board. Onboarding design with superb UX takes more time and investigation. Having knowledge of what you are supposed to do and don’t gains more sight of the audience for your application.

Step 1: Start with a simple

Make the application to begin with the easy sign-up process and think on particularly what you need to know about your users. Pull out the unnecessary questions and decrease the process to be as simple as possible.  

Step 2: Save time with social log-ins:

Apart from having lengthy registrations, social log-ins makes a good way of creating accounts. It reduces the time to fill lengthy forms such as sign-up form, contact form and all. This type of log-ins recognizes more appreciation among customers.

Step 3: Give a glad welcome:

The linchpin in the design of onboarding method is to provide a warm welcome for new users. Express your gratitude for them as they have joined your site. After they opened the door to welcome page let them know “What should I do first?” and “How the application proceeds”. This kind of scenario will help the application to not lose customers.

Step 4: Figure out the interest to competitive advantages:

Mention out the highlights of the product which is going out to compete with the similar solutions. Provide a slideshow on what makes the difference between the others product and yours. Make them have an obvious explanation on why people have to get engaged in your application.

Step 5: Bring the system of Progressive Learning into action:

This is the most complicated approach that is followed by large and highly developed projects which have a high doorstep for entry. Progressive learning consists of unobtrusive tutorials, tips and inspiration at all levels of communication. This makes the users learn about the usage of the product. They are able to find out hidden features that are only for professional work.

Step 6: Focus on streamlining your entire process :

In prior to taking your onboarding experience as live, have a try on multiple people and go with various tests. Get the suggestions from all your friends and relatives and find out if any further modifications are needed. Because it may look simple for someone and not for some people.  At the end, you have got to be ready to take the time for the development of perfect onboarding.

Have a look at some of the tools for onboarding design

The popular onboarding tools for prototyping are Principle, Pixate, InVision, Framer.js, Atomic, Flinto and Form. These tools have the capability to build interactive prototypes that can be shared with the team.

Bottom line, one cannot design the perfect onboard for the first time. It needs a lot of time to gain more applauds among customers. Keep an eye on the new ideas and be bold to try with various tests and go with the one that operates well for the application. Take unique solutions into your hand and try to implement those which lead the way to successful onboarding experience.

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