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Is your Website ready to face the next Google Algorithm Update?
Significance of another update for Google Algorithm Yes, there’s a Google algorithm update yet again.2014 has seen tremendous adjustments and updates on the algorithms and there’s one more on the way. When Google announces the algorithm change or an update, SEO professionals and website marketers turn to look what’s getting impacted with this new change. Here is an announcement from Google in February 2015, on Webmaster central blog “Starting April 21, we will be expanding ou...
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10 Websites Where You Can Get Free Images for your Website
Investing much time searching online image library?  Here is a quick help It is often a frightening task to search for online image library which yields the desired image relevant to one’s anticipations. It is questionable after a lot of time and effort; you would end up chasing the right thing. You might end up getting nearly relevant images or discouraging general images that doesn’t suit the bill. Upon the daunting task, you end up disheartened that the invested time is not worth....
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Bid Adieu to Aged Trends in Web Design Development Technology
The best part of any trend is “Aging” .yes the current trends in any market are being replaced by new ones, making the continuous improvement intact. Web design is visibly a fast paced environment where the trends seldom stay longer. 2015 has been witnessing a dramatic change in the web design ambiance and it’s the time we bid adieu to the old and aged trends in web design. Here is the list of the trends set to wave good bye in 2015. Repetition of aged patterns can not only ...
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Know how to get the best color code for your website
World is full of life with beautiful colors and so is the website. A lively website often amazes the visitor with its unique blend of colors, presentation and staging. A website equipped with right color scheme caters to great traffic to the website and also enhances the user engagement to the website. Often, the visitor decides to stay on the website or go back to the search page within first few seconds. There are many factors contributing the user to stay and explore the website. Color blend ...
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Super 7 steps to consider before hiring a web design company in 2015
In the current era of competition and global reach, companies find it difficult to cope up with the randomness of the changed environment. Not only the current practices vary with the change in the market, but also the way we present our message to our customer needs insightful imprint on their minds. The target users are meticulous about the products, services, innovation and presentation. The first impression of a user is built with the glance on our website. Making an appealing and long last...
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Guess the new formula for user engagement to a website?
Yes, It’s Typography!!  A sheer innovative art of arranging text in logical and creative order to enhance readability. Well, the gearing fact about website design and creativity is that the users and the target audience just want the familiar information in the familiar sections. They just do not want to spend time to check for the newly positioned elements which they generally find elsewhere. Hence the web designers are in constant pursuit to make the design appealing with their creati...
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Comprehensive approach to tactful responsive website testing issues
Responsive website design has been a compulsion in the current era of mobile smart phones and tablets. It is worth to cite that the responsive design could cater to great traffic to the website through smart options. Also it’s undeniable that the issues in testing responsive website creeps in and the time and effort invested by the developers and testers are comparatively high. Responsive websites have no doubt made the things effective both in case of load time effectiveness and the us...
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Killer Keywords for a Wiry website by Inovies
Keyword research has gain a momentum as never before. The generation of keywords for a wiry (strong) website is a daunting task if one does not involve in a bit of research before persuading it. All you want to end up is getting traffic to your website. Hence the effort in the research goes in finding and selecting the appropriate keywords for the website and how to improve the efficiency of it. Thank s to the key word search tools available in the market, making your job easy in the pursuit ...
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Know Why Google bans websites and the top reasons for that!!
Riddle me this, Riddle me that, Know Why Google bans websites and the top reasons for that!! Search engine optimization is a continuous task, where one spends lot of time and effort in indexing, web directories, self promotion with blogs, keep lively content etc. After a hectic series of tasks, one does to want to get banned by search engines like Google to show up in the search results. There have been many reasons Google indulge in restricting certain website. The top few of them have been ...
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Why Scrum for Developing Complex Websites?
Scrum is an Agile framework which is used for the completion of complex website developments. The framework sprang into existance following a study published in the Harvard Business Review by Takeuchi and Nonaka. In the study, the pair compared cross-functional, high-performing teams to the widely recognized scrum formation used by Rugby teams. Although originally developed for software development projects, due to the flexibility of the framework, it can be adopted for any complicated projec...
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