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What makes your User Experience worth Remembering
It is necessary to understand that, how our mind receives the things which appears in our sight. This will definitely help you in knowing the fact about how can we provide best user experience, so that you could not face failed attempts of online efforts. When you give a good User Experience, it increases your web presence and creates a sense of “coming back” feeling to the site. Now, that is the matter of success in terms of engaging your website visitors. Once you start winni...
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Why you should not go for low Cost Designs to build your Web presence
For a startup at it’s launching, the availability of funds would be limited. Often startup founders tend to save their funds by finding economic ways to save their money, and the mistake they do is opting for low cost designs without thinking about the quality of service. Here, we are not saying that we are against to low cost services, but i suggest that our main focus should be quality and productivity. We totally understand that it could be harder for you to go with some more expensi...
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How to make a good mobile or web MVP
While developing a web or mobile app we make sure that it is “Minimum Viable Product (MVP)”. The MVP’s are developed consisting of basic functionalities which will be sufficient for good sales of the product. Planning about which features should be added in your mobile and web application is stressful. It should get into the MVP criteria. And we should develop our product by considering the target audience. Things that need to be taken care of, while developing your MVP. ...
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100 Questions to ask before website design or web development
Describe your target audience. What is the purpose of the website? What are your corporate core values and how do you express them to your visitors? What makes you different from your competitors? Why should people do business with you rather than your competitors? Describe the style of the website you want. Do you have specific company colors that need to be used? Do you have any other materials that the site needs to match with in some way (brochures, press materials, etc....
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Why “Initial amount upfront” is absolute Must in Web development.
Alright folks, Many of the web development companies, mostly Mid Sized Companies fret on the idea of asking “Initial payment” to their clients. Well, Admit it. One of the powerful reasons for that could be Low self-Esteem. Familiar? Now hop on to read Why Initial payments upfront is an absolute Must in Web design and Development. Lets your Client Invest effort as much as you Do. Its undeniable fact that money pays a prominent role here. When you start a project without any upfr...
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Future of  Web Development
Website is the face and an integral component of any business. The future and scope of web development and design is also progressing at a tremendous rate. Website has ingrained so much in our daily lives. It's not surprising that no business runs without a website ex: banks, corporates etc. Web developers are busy accustoming themselves to the new frameworks, tools and techniques to build more robust sites.   Web development is developing at a fast pace with new technologies &n...
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How to make use of social media to market your blog posts
Do you want your post to be the trending article in social media? Promoting blog posts through social media helps to add more traffic potential to your blog. In this article, you will come across successful strategies ofcross-promoting blog posts on various social media platforms. Grab the focus of the target reader to your blog posts through cross-promotion in social media. What is Social Media Cross Promotion? Broadcasting same message in various social networksmay not tailor more...
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10 best countries in the world for starting and running a business - Infographics
The World Bank calculates its own score for each country, based on the "distance to frontier " (DTF). That tracks how far each country is from the best ever score for a number of different measures.
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BOT or NOT with CHATBOT, Long way to go before we hype
Well it’s not unruly to just say that CHATBOTS are overly hyped. All good things should start somewhere, we can say the good in Chatbots has just Started. To carve it to productivity, there is still miles’ distance it must travel. The following are the obvious reasons why they are not REVOLUTIONARY yet.   Chatbots could not replace human yet A lot of chatbots have emerged in customer service, especially in ecommerce and banking sectors. While they think that the job ha...
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Responsive web design - An online space and an all-time base
It is quite simple as the name suggests- a responsive and receptive website that can constantly communicate your business with the users. A responsive web design gives it a wonderful way to entice users irrespective of the gadgets they are using and irrespective of the platform those gadgets are working on.  But why should you entice them online? Yes, it has a solid answer. Since people are tending to change in accordance with the global trends so easily, the mobile phone usage has in...
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