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How to Determine When Your Startup Will Break-Even
The process of calculating the breakeven point for your startup is really quite simple in theory.  The problem is that it is hard to predict for most businesses because the process requires you to make a number of assumptions.   If these assumptions are wrong, your breakeven point could change drastically.  This can cause a series of problems like a cash shortage, which will then cause you to either invest more of your personal money, find new investors, or secure a loan, all o...
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MongoDB; a trend-setter for Big Data businesses
Do really MongoDB is transforming the business of Big Data? Yes, it is…. Businesses that spend in Big Data succeed in generating high revenues, and more customer reach. Handling and organizing of huge data sets seems to be more convoluted and the only doorway to manage all these lies in transformation towards digital technologies. To take the helm of data lakes, it is more needed to employ right big data strategies and solutions.  As the engagement of Big Data enters into ev...
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Intellectual Property (IP) strategy that start-ups follow
Alright, you have launched a product by embedding all the thoughts and principles of yours and your team of people and took that product to the release stage. Here, the question that comes into action is how much of information to share with your team. Sharing of too much information will lead to the possibility of having a trespasser or too little also pose a problem of stunted performance. So, to make in a complete effortless way start with a clear structure and this comes under any one of the...
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Modernized user experience trends in Ecommerce
Even if there approaches the scene of latest trends and technologies in the user experience, some e-commerce merchants straddle in implementing user experience in their ecommerce strategies. But, many decorate their ecommerce sites with innovative approaches to grab the attention of visitors and make them their customers. Customer reach for online stores holds more importance. With the upsurge of innovations in technology, ecommerce has gained more customers which expedites for starting new ecom...
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Discover the best secrets in startups 
Are you in the right corner of starting a startup?  Many people who are in the desire to begin a startup will never do, because they are not sure of what the process is and what particularly is to be involved in the business?  Business plans, recruitment, and investments also these will seem to be somewhat deterring. Today, the internet has provided you with plentiful options and ideas to support your thoughts. But, you reach the pinnacle when you catch up with the correct pr...
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Are businesses ready for Web-scale IT?
By 2018, have all your window tabs to be filled by the search on Web-Scale IT because web-scale IT is going to be a pioneered approach being operated by more than 50 percent of the global firms. Web-Scale IT, it is not just a word, it is the method that many datacenters and software plannings are outlined in order to consolidate various methods like scalability, flexibility and steadfastness. Understanding what Web-Scale mean This giant technology facilitates many business organizations an...
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A road map for designing great user on boarding
Well, we have built an amazing digital product may be it is a web application, customer-delighted app or an enterprise software application. One day we have launched the app by investing a lot of time and money. You made the app to be highlighted among users by means of advertising, marketing, and many referral programs. People are downloading your application, but not getting back to that after their first visit. And only a petty few users are engaging with the functions and appearance of th...
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Dell Startup Challenge - Season 2
The Dell Startup Challenge is an exciting platform for aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to market, get greater exposure, and win prizes. Three winners will walk away with a state-of-the-art Dell Vostro laptop. The grand prize winner will also get $5,000 worth of Dell technology. All winners will also be featured in exclusive stories on YourStory. Idea submission            :  Sept 10 - Oct 10 ...
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How to hook up your “Startup Branding
As the gusto for every business lies in Branding, Branding for startups is even more essential because these organizations are in the budding stages of their development. And the process of branding is not like a guide to study and move ahead, it comes from the experience they own. There happens the born of approximately 11,000 startups per every hour, handling this range of competition will be by Branding where startups can gain more brand value for their business organizations. Excepting be...
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5 stars of ERP and ecommerce integration
We would like to discuss it to the point, without beating around the bush. There are five awesome benefits of having ERP integration with your ecommerce website, which we consider as 5 stars of ERP and ecommerce integration. In simple words ERP is explained as the dynamic system to maintain your database and related operations. ERP is trending in every domain. See the magic when your ERP system is integrated with ecommerce site Inventory management becomes easy. Bidirectional Integr...
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