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Who would not enjoy surprise Gifts every now and then. When a Gift is being showered by a loved one, we capture their emotion rather than the cost of the Gift. It’s incredibly awesome that some loved one remembers you and send you gifts at your door. How about sending or receiving Gifts all year for 12 months on random Days. Isn’t it wonderful that the sender even does not know what date your gift is arriving?

The world is becoming busy and monotonous and the precious feelings are going distinct. To elevate this emotion and to gift someone happiness all around, Inovies came up with this Idea to Gift happiness all through the year Ahem , ahem, Someone is Blushing already. While this blush you can see on someone’s face all though the year. Open the kitty is a Gift portal which takes yearly orders and sends random Gifts each month for a year. This is quite incredible to people who want to see their loved ones happy and enticing

Would you like to add something to make this crazy idea extra crazy, you can reach here [email protected]