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Yes. Rice is your primary escape to hunger. We value this emotion for you. You can easily escape this increasingly turbulent world by having a handful of freshly cooked rice with your favorite curry! Or by the aroma of a perfectly cooked Dum Biryani!

Four young enthusiasts left their high paying jobs to deliver this emotion to people .In their own words “It has been our world since our fore-forefathers had decided to take up paddy processing & rice milling. It's the world we have grown up in. We are steeped in a legacy & will uphold this inheritance”

Rice cultivation is so old that it goes back to 10,000 years. It has established a complex system of village brokers, processors, warehouses, millers, distributors, traders, wholesalers and retailers

Inovies captured this emotion in the form of an ecommerce just to deliver Ricebags of finest Quality to every Door. We witnessed their first order and now these young enthusiasts are going places for the new orders all over India What more could we ask for, these bunch of friends truly believed their passion and riding success with it.

Want to associate and enable them trade across the Globe, reach @ atchyutmaddukuri[at]gmail[dot]com